How can it be done? (recruiting class numbers)

Submitted by jethro34 on June 11th, 2011 at 8:39 AM

With yesterday's commits the class is up to 16 and there are only 18 spots available, it seems.  Yet, there's also talk of a full class.  I know this has been discussed in several threads already, but I feel it needs its own now that we're so close to seemingly critical mass.

If you look at 2 spots left, who do you take?












I don't ever remember UM having this problem of so many more potential recruits than room left, and certainly never realistically staring at the problem in freaking early June!

I know some hope for more attrition and/or not granting 5th years, but if Hoke has talked about a full class, what do you think his plan is?  Just sit back and hope some kids that don't land a spot in the 2 deep get disgruntled and transfer?  While that would solve a problem, it's not so much a "family atmosphere" anymore.  I would imagine that's causing some sleep loss in the Hoke home.

Anyone care to speculate on players that could go?



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I don't think it shows a lot of class to speculate on a very public forum which 18 or 19 year-old is going to get "advised" that he may get more playing time elsewhere.  We're talking about kids who are giving their all to play at Michigan and keeping their noses clean; they deserve our respect.  Until the second "incident," anyway.  Then, I think it warrants discussion.



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Offense Pos. # Name Class
SR 9 Odoms, Martavious Odoms Sr
SR 19 Grady, Kelvin Grady Sr
RB 20 Shaw, Michael Shaw Sr
WR 21 Hemingway, Junior Hemingway Sr
WR 22 Stonum, Darryl Stonum Sr ???
FB 49 McColgan, John McColgan Sr
OL 50 Molk, David Molk Sr
OL 72 Huyge, Mark Huyge Sr
TE 81 Watson, Steve Watson Sr
TE 86 Koger, Kevin Koger Sr
LB 9 Evans, Marell Evans Sr
CB 17 Anderson, Tony Anderson Sr
CB 29 Woolfolk, Troy Woolfolk Sr
DT 39 Heininger, Will Heininger Sr
LB 42 Fitzgerald, J.B. Fitzgerald Sr
DE 53 Van Bergen, Ryan Van Bergen Sr
LB 58 Herron, Brandon Herron Sr
DT 68 Martin, Mike Martin Sr


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Stop saying critical mass. As a nuclear engineer I'm obligated to inform you it means normal. Regardless, this is a great problem to have. I'd be happy with any of those mentioned including Burbridge and Wright.


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It would be pretty awesome if that's what you did mean. Think of the advantages we'd have with fangs and claws. Or better yet, if we fielded "Wolverines" like the guy in the comics and movies with those big metal claws. Oh well, that guy isn't that much scarier than Taylor Lewan when he gets angry . . . 

maize and brew…

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dont forget wormley. I think when we talk about numbers, we will obviously not have the room that we wish to have to sign these talented prospects. Oh and dont forget about Jarrod Wilson that is a true safety that has us in the top 3 that Hoke is going after very hard.

Sextus Empiricus

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a group ride that takes place on the last Friday of every month in many different cities through out the world.

You don't have to be a Nuclear Engineer to use a term that has entered the common vernacular.  Critical mass has many other connotations - derived from the technical term.  I wonder why that is?... you don't have to be a Nuclear Engineer to answer that BTW.  There's a reason why Homer Simpson works in Nuclear facility.

With all due respect - I don't think you know what the Fukushima you are talking about...sorry I couldn't resist that.


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 the last spots of attrition the coaches reasonably expect might happen around the same time the last top recruits wish to decide, after next seaon ends. I'm sure there's a fitting metaphor that fits here, one hand washes the other, one door closes while another opens...


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This has been discussed. Where's that pic of the bunny with a pancake on its head?

Most people are saying this class grows to over 20. Just relax and see how it plays out over the next 7 months. Speculating on who leaves isn't fair to the kids and is a waste of time. Even if they only added two more, say Diamond and O'Brien, it's going to be a top ten class and probably #1 in the B1G.


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It will work itself out. I'm sure the staff is aware of the numbers and has a plan. If they sign a full class, so be it. People transfer, leave school and yeah maybe a couple guys don't get a 5th year. But this isn't worth stressing out over.


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Speculating on this or any other board about who might be gone, is just plain wrong (IMHO).

I respect your right to free speech and all, but you might want to follow this board a while longer before you start any more threads.


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No need to pull rank just because you don't agree with the topic.  I've seen plenty of examples of discussion of specific players who may not get a 5th year and those ppl were not negged to olivia newton-john.  Just want to make it clear it's not a unanimous position.

I respect your right to free speech and all, but you might want to follow this board a while longer before you cyber-bully any more OPs for posting.

Here are two posts that already discussed this thoroughly.


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I don't think he was trying to cyber-bully anyone.  It's been my experience on the site that that's not something that's really appropriate to discuss.  I think it makes us all feel a little more like Nick Saban.  It might happen, but there are always people that say we shouldn't talk about it, which makes me think maybe we shouldn't speculate.  It's treating the athletes as place-holders instead of actual people.


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So wait, he should have called him out for being a dumbass and posting a topic that has been discussed thoroughly instead of calling him out for being a dumbass and speculating on who will not get a 5th year? Either way, it is a pretty stupid topic, whether becauase it has been dicussed thoroughly or because he wants to discuss who is going to leave the team.


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on who will be gone after this season but i think Hoke may be looking at it like this: a 5th year senior would show immediate results but you need to think about the next 4 years instead of one year, more value

Wolverine Incognito

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I believe, per B1G signing rules, we are allowed to sign 21 players if we had 18 open spots.  If we need more, there is always the option of grey shirting.  (But unlike the SEC, Hoke will actually discuss a grey shirt with a recruit before he does it.)  Also, were there any empty spots from last year's class?  If so, then I believe that players that come in January can be counted toward last year's class. 

See jethro?  There are ways.  The way that I am NOT a fan of is giving a young man that was fully committed to Blue the hook for being less talented.  They have a phrase to describe coaches who do that:  SEC coaches.


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This is the coach's job.  If you think Hoke is incompetent, say so.  

It is clear Hoke thinks there are atleast 21 spots...and according to Chengelis, 23.  I have seen ways to get up to 26 spots, but that would take a lot.

So stop worry.  We likely have 7 spots, and at a minimum, 5 spots remaining. 

Trust in Hoke.


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always wounderd about grey shirting if a student pays for the first semester at school couldn't he basically be a walkon his redshirt year? still practice and dress with the team? then go on scholorship in the spring? 


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As many upthread have said, this has been discussed to death and it isn't fair to speculate on individual players leaving. But, how do we get over 18 is a simple question to answer.
<br>1. Not every 5th year senior will get a 5th year schollie offer.
<br>2. Attrition - while I will not comment on players, there are certainly a few positions where we may see attrition. RB for example has large numbers and no real leader. If any of our backs ends up at the back of a large line, they might transfer for a shot at playing time. Same for our DBs. We took a ton over the past few years. If there is a crowd, a player who doesn't think that there is a realistic shot at playing might leave. Ditto for some of the tweeners that we took in the last few classes. If they don't fit manball they may transfer. Happens all the time.
<br>3 . There is also the possibility that a player suffers a career ending injury and gets a (non-saban legit) medical redshirt.
<br>I hope that none of these happen, but in reality there are all fairly common. In the end our number f open spots will likely be way higher than it curretly is.


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And that's fine. But kids to fill those slots shouldn't be added to the class until those spots are available, and we haven't reached that point yet.
<br>Accepting too many commits then miraculously waiting for kids to be injured or suspended is what Alabama does.


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-10?  Really?  When the math says it can't be done but the coach says it can I get negged because it's breifly mentioned in every damn thread but doesn't have one of it's own?  Because clearly none of you have ever started a thread that had already been talked about before.  I could have gone all SIAP but then would have incurred a little more wrath.

Forgive me for wondering how the crap they can turn 2 into 7.  Fact is it WILL impact kids and if another school was guaranteeing it could happen this board would go all SEC on it and say it's not right to the 18-21 year old kids that are victimized.

I do not doubt Hoke, if anything I'm more excited about his recruiting than I have been in several years.  But "a good problem to have" is still a problem.  Some of you need to seriously relax and get some fresh air.


June 11th, 2011 at 11:18 AM ^

I don't understand the backlash against this post. I agree that speaking about specific kids is inappropriate, but asking how on earth we are supposed to take 9 more kids is a valid question. Not asking, and just saying "it will work itself out/I trust the coaches" is nearly word for word what Alabama fans say every year. It is a valid question. And before the strawman brigade comes - I AM NOT SAYING HOKE IS SABAN, OR AN OVERSIGNER, but given this is his first cycle, we don't know he's not, either. If we see him sign 24, and then get a litany of injuries and suspensions, color me skeptical.


June 11th, 2011 at 4:36 PM ^

He's basing it on the information that we plan to sign 23 players for 18 slots.  Also, he said "if" not "when."  Remove your maize sunglasses and realize that it's just as wrong whether it's Saban or someone who touches butts and says tremendous.  With that, I doubt we pull the Saban shit (though apparently I can't do that.).

maize and brew…

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I think it will be these 5 players we will get.
1. Diamond - offensive tackle
2. Wilson - true safety
3. Wormley - defensive end
4. Pipkins - defensive tackle
5. Wide Receiver
and if they "make room" for someone it will be Gunner.
Thats all based on 23 spots.