How big was our European road trip before the season?

Submitted by NMU Blue on February 27th, 2011 at 12:56 AM

I didn't think we'd win ten games this season, but it appears that Coach Beilein's trip to Europe really helped out.  Sure, we didn't win many games during the trip.  Yes, Hardaway Jr. blowing up definately helped us out.  Does anyone else think that getting those games in at the start of the season gave us an extra experience edge?  I think they gave players like Morgan and Hardaway some confidence and got them ready for the season, but I'm no expert.



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I went to Europe a couple a years ago. It did me good in that I didn't really realize how bad a lot of our beer was. Also the girls weren't nearly as sluty as I would have expected from Europeans. I hope my opinion has helped this discussion.


February 27th, 2011 at 2:45 AM ^

I think it helped a lot for team bonding purposes.

I was thinking how important it was at the time but if you think about it now, Vogrich was one of the best players on the trip, Morris was horrible, and Jordan Morgan didn't do much.  I think the growth of Morris and Morgan over the course of the season and the recent Hardaway explosion have put this team in the position it's in now.


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I don't know how much Europe helped, but I've been wondering about the power of C.J. Lee recently. His last year as a player he  was definitely the calming force for a lot of young talent on that team in 2008/2009.  And the year he wasn't there didn't turn out so well.  I don't know what an "administrative speciallist" is, but I think he should be around for a while.


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It got a young team extra practice time and they got to play road games that were tougher than a lot of Big Ten road games.  Beilein got to get the kids used to his system earlier than they normally would have.  The kids got a taste of superior competition a couple of months early.  

I think it helped a lot and gave them an extra month or two to make the adjustments and changes they would have normally been making in January.  


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They went to Belgium, the land of waffles, no government and deepening linguistic hatred, so I will offer my take in the two official tongues (French and Flemish*).

C'était énorme.  Ces voyages offrent plus d'occasions d'éntraînement, qui est inestimable pour une équipe si jeune (elle est 342e parmi les 343 équipes dans le taux d' expérience cette saison).  De plus, c'était une chance de découvrir un autre pays et culture. Ce genre de voyage est typiquement superbe pour la camaderie d'une équipe.

Het was super goed zoals zij heeft hen de kans om te eten wafels en drinken bier legaal.

*Dutch, but more slurred, thanks to the Belgian beer.





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it seemed to really bring the guys together personally - they all seem very close friends.  And I like to think that helps when times get bad like they did in the middle of the season