How Bad is the Big East?

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How bad is the Big East this year?  As a conference that was starting to gain respectibility (Cinci making a MNCG push, WVU solid streak of good years, Rutgers and UConn up and coming, Pitt playing with some big name players, etc.) but now it seems as if they've got nothing going for them. 

Pitt started the year #15 and lost to unranked Utah.  People were hyping UConn, and they didn't look very strong against us (hopefully because we're awesome!?), WVU almost lost to Marshall and now Cincinnati has lost more games in their first 3 than they did all last year.  WVU is the only ranked team, coming in at #21.  Rutgers and WVU are the only Big East teams to start the season 2-0, but those 4 wins are against such powerhouses as Florida International, Norfolk St., Coastal Carolina and Marshall (again, barely).

It's a shame this is an automatic qualifying conference still. 



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Regardless of how good / bad the Big East is, I am still rooting for UConn to win the Big East as that only helps UM's rankngs....

First things are first, Beat UMass, let's own New England!

Go Blue!


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Conference rankings based on results of this season and this season only so far.

 Let me clarify i used wins from big games as the main criteria.

1-B10 Wins over Miami, UCONN, ND (B10 sechedules the toughest OOC games by far)

2-B12 Over the SEC cuz Oklahoma over FSU was more impressive than Bama v PSU

3-SEC They play weak competition as whole PSU was big tho, LSU v UNC was not considered



6-ACC has just been awful


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They get a worse and worse rap as their successful coaches get poached. I mean brian kelly was like a yearly "Why has nobody hired this guy yet?" when he hadn't even been there that long and Edsel is still like that. Rodriguez, petrino, kelly, the best teams in the league have their coaches poached and then where are you at. And when schools are trying to replace Rodriguez with Bill Stewart you're digging your own grave.

I mean pittsburg should feel bad because their coach has been bad enough he hasn't been poached, and he'd have been canned anyway if noel devine had just taken that damn kickoff back all the way instead of to the 30 but I think I'm getting ahead of myself here talking about WVU's last game of the 2007 season. Point is if every coach who is any good gets hired away, you're going to have a low ceiling and they're proving it this year.


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They only look to be getting even worse. There's talk they've invited Villanova to join the conference. While the big conferences are positioning themselves to add power teams, the Big East is looking at a FCS team that doesn't average 15,000 people per game. Might as well take Temple back...

Enjoy Life

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Uh, it is a lot too early to make this statement. Just last year, the BigEast (as a conference) had the best OOC record (yes, even better than the SEC). You have to take the number of teams in the conference into account.

They may be horrible but that will not be known until all OOC games are completed.


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the talent level in the Big East is about the same as the Big Ten.


Which is clearly the dumbest thing he's ever said, and certainly raised my eyebrow.  Maybe when the Big East had Miami and BC but not anymore and not anywhere close.


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Big East is a joke

It's too close between them and the ACC for worst "BCS" conference

We'll see how WVU does against Maryland tomorrow, a MD victory would be absolutely hilarious


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Let me count the ways, or at least the teams.

UConn: So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Syracuse: yet another "character building" year.

USF: Holtz may get the job done, but they suck this year.

Louisville: Still digging out of Kragthorpe's hole.

Cincy: Lost a lot of players and a pretty good coach.

Pitt: They still have Wannestedt: that is as close to a guarantee of mediocrity as it gets.

WVU: Stewie is taking longer to prove he is overwhelmed than I thought, but he is still overwhelmed.

Rutgers: They don't have much, but they aren't much worse than anyone else in the conference.