How Active is Butch Woolfolk in Recruiting?

Submitted by WichitanWolverine on August 24th, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Out of boredom this morning I began perusing the roster, like most mornings, and noticed that 3 of our 5 Texas players are from the same high school.  It just so happens that one of these 3 players is Butch's son, Troy.

It appears to me that Butch is actively recruiting young men from the Sugar Land area and establishing a (currently small) pipeline.  Does anyone know if this is true, or more about it?



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You have high status on this board so you must know that your post does not even make my top 100 "most insanely idiotic"  posts I've seen here.

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Ziff, your comments aren't even close to accurate.  We talked about contact with recruits a couple years ago at an Alumni dinner in San Diego and the local president read from some guidance he had from the University and stated that it's boosters and UM employees that can't make contact with prospective student athletes. We were talking about attending a Forcier high school game at the time.

If someone's dad or football coach wants to put in a good word for a university they think will benefit a kid they can as long as they are not a representative of the university. If Troy Woolfolk's dad was talking to some of the Texas youngsters it wouldn't be any more of a recruiting violation than attending voluntary practices is a practicing violation.


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He said "actively recruiting".   Not sure what actively recruiting means, but you can't have famous alumni calling recruits(take a look at the Reggie Bush calling Joe Mcknight fiasco).   I'm not sure if you are a famous alumni, but I'm guessing some random guys holding up a UM sign at a football game is a little different than a famous player searching out local players in the area and telling them about Michigans program under the direction of Rodriguez, which is what I would interpret as "actively recruiting".   So I would say I'm a lot "closer" than you are about this.


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I laughed at that one.  It's a grey area at best unless Woolfolk is a booster in which it would be pretty cut in dry.  According to your theory any football alumnus that is a high school coach couldn't encourage is players to play for UM nor even mention the school because he might be a famous ex-player.

Also your Reggie Bush comparison is laughable as that was clearly a coordinated effort with the coaches.  Also this Butch thing is a completely hypothetical what if he was talking to players in Texas.  Personally I hope we have a lot of ex-players around the country at high schools and football camps teaching football and talking about how amazing their experience was at the University of Michigan.  That's called having the greatest football tradition in the world; not a recruiting violation, and certainly not "illegal".


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If it was possible for Rodriguez to have Charles Woodson call db recruits do you not think that RR would crawl on his knees to Green Bay to make this happen?     You can't do it.    If it is not under direction of the coach than what is the point?     Here is your scenario that could happen.

5 star stud moves 4 houses down from B. Woolfolk.

Butch tells him Michigan is great he seems intrigued by the school.

Butch calls RR and tells him he has a kid they should look at.


That is a totally random series of events and Butch is just being a proud alumni.

Here is what can't happen.

RR tells Butch that Texas is a hotbed of talent.  We're short on recruiters so can you go around to the high schools and check in on some guys and keep Michigan on their minds.

I don't know but ex-players may be included as boosters as well.


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You keep pointing to the Reggie Bush type scenario when everyone knows you can't have a coordinated effort because you would be acting as a representative of the university.  But if alumni (who are not representatives of the university) are working in a capacity where they meet a young football prospects I hope they sing UM's praises.


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Would you say that bumping into recruits is not exactly "actively recruiting" and we have a deal?    The only  place where ex-players would have more than a random chance of meeting a recruit is if they are a coach like T. Wilcher at Cass Tech..

I understand what you are saying but the OP was inquiring about Butch's recruiting efforts not how proud of an alumni he was.  I think we can all appreciate ex players being proud and singing the programs praises when they can, but that's not getting multiple kids to commit to the university.


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Well, those three players are Darryl Stonum, Brandon Herron, and Troy Woolfolk.  Herron graduated the same year as Woolfolk, and Stonum was a year behind them.  It's not like it's unheard of for teammates to attend the same school (Pahokee, Trotwood-Madison, Liberty, etc.).  And we haven't got a kid from there since the Class of 2008, so "active" is probably too strong a word for any recruiting that Butch Woolfolk might be doing.

FWIW, Dulles defensive back Sheroid Evans spoke of Troy Woolfolk highly several months ago . . . shortly before committing elsewhere.


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Didn't the university send out an email one to two years ago regarding alumni and fan contact with recruits? It might have been with regards to the Pryor/Greenwood party or a facebook issue. If I recall correctly, any alum can be considered a booster and therefore can commit recruiting violations regardless of intent.