Horford to transfer for Final Year

Submitted by kzooblue2016 on April 10th, 2014 at 3:11 PM

It looks like Jon Horford will transfer after he graduates in May. No word on what program he is heading too, but best of luck to him.  Time for big man speculation!!!



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Dude, think about it. Brian should, too. This is better news that you think. Granted, we could use Horford. But a guy who was looking at starting for a Top 20 team doesn't suddenly transfer to another program for one final year. He does so after determining that he's now stuck behind not one player (Morgan), but two (McGary, Donnal) and maybe even three (the other young bigs). Michigan's front-court will actually be stronger next season. That's good. And that's why Horford left.

Franz Schubert

April 10th, 2014 at 9:22 PM ^

I'll be the one not ignoring the elephant in the room and acknowledge that Horford is not good at all. Nothing personal, seems like an intelligent young man and I thank him for his contributions but please don't act like this a big loss. He probably realizes that his minutes will be going to Donnal. This reminds me of when Smotryz transferred and people were freaking out. Horford was basically horrible at basketball.

Franz Schubert

April 11th, 2014 at 6:56 AM ^

I complimented him as an intelligent guy and said I appreciate his efforts. It is blatantly obvious that he is not a good basketball player at this level though. Horford was just awful throughout the conference and NCAA tournaments. Why pretend he is some kind of big loss? I wish him well and hope the best for him.


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Regards to Austin he will never suit up and play for Michigan.  He will come here and be put on a medical scholarship and it will free up the one that was gonna be used by him.   But I hope Hoford leaving means he knows Mitch is coming back. Unless he hated it here he would start or at least play more minutes them this year so I hope it is a good thing wishu luck Jon.


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No way JB runs off a 5th year 6'10" post who can run and play D and knows his offense. There is no gaurentee MMs back holds up if he comes back. Horford was looking at good minutes on a good team. Thia is confusing. He must think there is a better offense to show his skills right or wrong.

rob f

April 10th, 2014 at 3:26 PM ^

Horford seems to be driven by a quest for self-enlightment, which reminds me of former Piston Bison Dele.   But in a non-Dele way.

Best of luck, Jon, on your search for inner fulfillment.  Just don't go on any mysterious sailing trip.

I Like Burgers

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I don't think his move has anything to do with PT.  As a guy whose future is not in the NBA, Horford is in search of something else.  I mean, look at this quote: "As on all journeys, new paths must be taken and intuition must be trusted."  Dude is looking for another growing and learning experience.

Leaders And Best

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I am going to wait until the dust settles. This could signal Mitch McGary and GR III are coming back for another year. It could mean that Mark Donnal is going to be a good player for us next year. And the craziest, most ridiculous scenario: it could mean that all 3 sophomores (including Nik Stauskas) are coming back, and there was not a scholarship available for Horford.

Evan Smotrycz and Carlton Brundidge transferred in 2012, and it wasn't the end of the world

Leaders And Best

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Would be nice if Horford returned for veteran leadership and insurance in case McGary is not healthy.

Also, it may mean Donnal is ready to be a major contributor. I can't imagine Horford would leave if playing time were available.


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Hopefully means he knows GRIII and McGary are staying and he saw how good Donnal was and thought there would not be enough PT, especially after the breakthrough 5th year Morgan.  Best of luck to him.


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Usually guys slotted to play big minutes on a back-to-back Elite 8 team don't transfer out of the program. Until I see a link im slotting this under the prime internet adage 'pics or it didnt happen.'


edit- well now im just sad