Hope for Pahokee #Eating Kickstarter (Must read update for all contributors)

Submitted by Butterfield on November 5th, 2012 at 6:38 PM

For all MGoUsers out there who showed their generosity and contributed to Tae Odoms' Hope for Pahokee Kickstarter, you probably received the following update via email.  I'm posting it here just in case you have a heavy duty spam filter or for some other reason may not have gotten the update:


Hi everyone,

We wanted to check in and say hi.

Just trying to make sure we keeping everyone updated with the status of everything going on with the rewards and garden.  We want to apologize to all our backers and supporters because the rewards took a little longer than we expected.  We want you all to know that we have been working around the clock to get everything ordered and soon as we receive the order back we will make sure you all get your rewards as soon as possible hopefully in the next 10 days.  We appreciate your support and patience. 

We have been meeting with Urban Greenworks and are working hard to try to get our garden installed in the next month or two.  We are working on some updates for that and when everything is finalized we will let you know about more specific details..

This is our first kickstarter and we wanted to thank you all for giving us this opportunity to do our project.  We know everything is taking a little longer and it is thanks to all the great people we have helping us get our rewards completed and you, our backers, that we are getting this chance to share this project. 


Feat of Clay

November 6th, 2012 at 8:31 AM ^

Awesome, my sweatshirt can wait; I'd rather see them get that garden running and send me my reward when feasible.

Although don't get me wrong, I am eager for my sweet swag.