Hope for Pahokee #Eating Kickstarter Daily Update - 11 days left to make a difference

Submitted by Butterfield on September 15th, 2012 at 3:07 PM

Short but sweet update today:

  • The last 24 hours has seen approximately 3k raised by 58 new backers!  Amazing work.
  • When I started posting these updates on Thursday, the project was at 15.5k and fewer than 400 backers.  Pleased to say it's now up past 26k with over 600 backers!  Pat yourselves on the back, MGoBloggers!
  • Still 9k to go, don't get complacent or we may not get there.
  • Rewards for pledging are pretty amazing.  For what is basically market rate for Michigan apparel, you donate to an amazing cause and still get a high-quality, unique piece of apparel (hat, t-shirt, shorts, hoodies, etc).  The rewards are worth it just by themselves.
  • Keep it going!!! 

Kickstarter Link:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1021358459/hope-eating-from-garden-…

I won't be available to post an update tomorrow, so if someone can volunteer to sub for one day in order to maintain the awareness of the cause, that would be awesome.  I will be able to resume my daily updates on Monday.  Go Blue!