In honor of April fools... best UM rumor?

Submitted by samber2009 on April 1st, 2011 at 11:33 AM

We've had some good and not so good April Fools jokes today. In the spirit of the day, what are some of the best/worst rumors you've heard in the past year regarding any MIchigan sport? 

My favorite- Bo Pelini to LSU to replace Miles so that Miles can come up to Ann Arbor.  I was so desperate for truth I believed it. Shame on me. 



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Anything involving Harbaugh.  I was carrying that torch after Penn State until he took the San Francisco job. Not sure if those were good or bad rumors. Time will tell.

Hardware Sushi

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December 2007: Lloyd Carr decides to run a shotgun-based offense and not throw wide receiver screens every other play.

What? This happened? How did it turn out? WHOA.


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rediculous rival headlines that should be april fools jokes, but are infact true.

Examples (not actual headlines)

"Starting OSU QB says 'Everyone kills, everyone murders'"

"MSU coach drives players from prison to field"

"Hope is a big duesh(sp?) with beady eyes"

"Rosenberg punches dophins"

Any others?



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FWIW I know it's not exactly what you started this thread for, but this morning I told my MSU grad wife that Izzo was leaving to go coach the Miami Heat next season.  She bought it at first ("He just wants to coach Lebron!") until she realized what day it is.


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1. That there was a second, hidden, reactor on campus.

2. That people used to swim in the naval tank.

3. That you could take the tunnels from the law school to northwood housing.

4. That the pool equipment is still in the Union.

5. That there were secret rooms in the League.


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4. That the pool equipment is still in the Union.

5. That there were secret rooms in the League.

These aren't exactly false. People often forget the Union has floors above 2 and below G (food court level). The Art Fair stuff, to use an example, is on the basement level. Some of the old bowling equipment was down there when I checked; I would not be surprised if some pool artifacts were still there as well.

Horace Prettyman

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The steam tunnels do exist and are connect most university buildings. I've been in them a few times, but they are extremely hot any once a mischevous student died of dehydration after getting lost down there. In 2008 I remember they tore up all around the chemistry building to do some repair work on the tunnels.

I can't say for sure whether you can reach Northwood from them, but they do extend to north campus. 

M Fanfare

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The campus tour guides insist that there's a Michigan flag on the Moon left there by the Apollo 15 astronauts. The truth is that they established a AAUM chapter on the moon (they might have left a plaque?) and they brought several Michigan pennants with them, but they didn't leave a Block M flag next to the Stars and Stripes.


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but umvarsity blue had a post up that Denard had decommitted from Michigan and committed to Florida. I freaked out until I got to the bottom half



As had been rumored by Wolverine Liberation Army more than a month ago, Class of 2009 Michigan commit Denard Robinson has left Michigan’s recruiting class, and will indeed enroll at theUniversity of Florida. He cited fan negativity on the internet as one of the primary reasons for his change of heart. It is unclear whether, as a signee of Michigan, he will have to sit out a year before becoming eligible at Florida.

Denard Robinson Fakeout

Robinson recently wowed Michigan fans by running the 100-meter dash in 10.44 seconds, the 2nd-fastest time for a high schooler yet this year. However, instead of taking that speed to Michigan’s quarterback position, he now intends to head to the defensive secondary of the Gators. Florida and Michigan were his final two choices on Signing Day 2009, and he chose the Wolverines over the Gators, citing a desire to play with his friend, Adrian Witty (Witty, a high school teammate who played with Robinson on the same team in high school, could not be reached for comment), as well as the chance to prove himself as a signal-caller.

The Wolverines now only have two scholarship quarterbacks on the fall roster, one of whom is David Cone. Current rumors have them approaching Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor as a transfer candidate, which they consider a “trade up” for the departure of Justin Boren. Another possibility is Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young, who left the University of Texas after the 2005 season with one year of eligibility remaining.


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was going to hire Greg Robinson as his DC. I just about crapped my pants, but then I realized it was April 1 and had a good laugh. Finally persuading Casteel to come here was the final piece for RR and a key to our resurgence in '09 and '10. But boy, was I scared for a second.

Section 1

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It goes like this:

Back in 2009, Michigan exceeded the limit on Countable Athletically-Related Activities by thousands of hours.  Players were kept in Schembechler Hall for 8, 10 or more hours on Sundays after games.  It was part of a pattern of abuse by then-Coach Rodriguez, and his Torturer in Chief, Mike Barwis, both of whom could not possibly have known anything about Michigan's grand history of a squeaky-clean football program for more than 130 years.  Freshmen Brandin Hawthorne and Je'Ron Stokes confirmed for the record how abusive the climate was, and how egregiously Rodriguez had blown the limits.  Other players, of course, could not speak on the record to confirm the story, because they might face some sort of retribution from coaches, even though those players might have left Michigan.  Only the two courageous freshmen, Hawthorne and Stokes, stood up to the abuse and called out the coaches for what they were doing.  They were willing to back the reporting of the story, with their names on the front page of the paper.

No, wait a minute.  That story is too preposterous, even for an April Fools' Day prank.  No one would ever believe it.


Swayze Howell Sheen

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some building on campus is sinking because it was designed by an MSU grad, who forgot to account for the weight of books.

every winter they fill the law library underground glass bowl thing with water to freeze over and play hockey upon.

if you walk past some statue on campus and are still a virgin by senior year, it punches you.

something else like that.



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Rich Rodriguez got canned and Brady Hoke, a sub .500 head coach, is now the main man at the University of Michigan.  - worst April fools joke of my time!

*Disclaimer: I am in full support of Brady Hoke!!! But bitter, very bitter, over what happend to Rich Rodriguez.


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The Miami Dolphins were competing for Harbaugh with the 49ers. The Dolphins owner, one Stephen Ross, was going to bid the price up so high that the 49ers couldn't compete.  He'd then wait until the 49ers filled the position and then announce they were actually keeping their current coach Cam Cameron.  Harbaugh would be left with the Michigan opening and come to coach in Ann Arbor.  Then Ross and Dave Brandon would fist bump and MIchigan would never lose another game, ever.    


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There was a rumor that a psychic on Oprah predicted that on halloween an H-shaped dorm across from a grave yard would have a mass murder.  I'm pretty sure this rumor goes around every 5 or so years.


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April, 1981, Leo Kelly, a black student, firebombed Bursley and shot at white students, shooting two of them to death, because the University was too unfair to black students.

Off by a few months, and the graveyard is 1/2 mile away.


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There was this rumor that people started believing that Les Miles wasn't a bad person.  Then when we found out that he wasn't coming here, he was back to being a bastard again.