Honey I Shrunk the Recruiting Board

Submitted by alum96 on February 2nd, 2015 at 11:32 PM

Updated with the new info today - curious who the second Jay Harbaugh yell was.

I didn't include said TE transfer who followded Jay or whatnot.

We have 6 spots open - I'll say 5 with Perry "deciding tomorrow".  And 4 spots with the second mystery Jay Harbaugh primal scream.

No CBs love us.

We're really not a clear favorite for anyone other than the top 2 guys on this list.  (EDIT - Well Wheatley)  Hmm..

Player Announce Pick Ballz
WR Perry Tuesday Not NW  
FB Oliver TBD if any CMU/UM if other commits fall thru?
TE Clark NSD 8:30 UM/UCLA UCLA starting to pop up
LB Smith NSD 11:00 GA/UCLA heavy GA, 10 UCLA since 2/2
TE/DE Wheatley NSD 3:15 UM nothing recent
RB Weber TBD if any UM/OSU 2 ballz to UM since 1/29
WR Jefferson TBD if any UM/Ole Miss 8 ballz to UM since 1/28
WR Davis NSD 10:00 FL 5 ballz to UF since 1/23
CB Marshall NSD 4:00 USC All USC


Happy trails...

Player Announce Pick Ballz
CB Williamson Mon 10:00 PM UF 10 ballz to UF since 1/28
CB Adams Tuesday? Rutgers Not much impact from visit?
RB Higdon TBD if any IA visited Sunday
WR Burnett Uhhh... WSU nothing recent
CB Arnette Not sure OSU 5 ballz to OSU since 1/29




February 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 AM ^

Rob this is how I'm looking at it too...we've seen enough of highly rated classes that disappoint. Harbaugh is the can't miss 5☆ of this class. Those who wish to learn from him & play for Michigan will be Starz & the foundation/building blocks of the Harbaugh era.

Newsome, if he decides to join the class, will exceed all expectations. As will the rest who send in their letters Wednesday, as well as Cole & Malzone. These players will be Leaders & Best; some will go on to the League, some will have successful non-football careers, some will become coaches - indeed one may someday be the Head Coach of Michigan! This group will be remembered like the '69 or '97 team... but measured equally for their impact on the program as for their accomplishments on the field. Go Blue!


February 2nd, 2015 at 11:37 PM ^

This is kind of inaccurate. Clark is trending heavy to ucla today and Roquan smith is supposedly a silent commit to ucla as well. For what it's worth, clark did just tweet that he still doesn't know where he's gonna go. So hopefully whatever "Intel" the 247 guys had today was overstated

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February 3rd, 2015 at 5:45 AM ^

Most of these kids know where they're going....including Clark. Just keeping the interest level up so they get their moment on NSD. Given what we've seen with Clark...why would he want to tip his hand before his time slot for NSD?


Not saying there's anything wrong with that but to believe they're torn is kind of laughable. Sure, I know there are some who are legit torn.... but most know by now know who they want.


February 3rd, 2015 at 5:59 AM ^

Yup. And it wouldn't shock me if Clark or Marshall were the subjects of Jay Harbaugh's recent tweets. Most of these kids know what they're doing and the coaching staff I assume gave them a decision deadline earlier than their TV appearances.

If they truly were 'torn' how could they guarantee being 100% sure of their decision by tomorrow? The majority of NSD "announcement" guys are silent commits to one school or another.

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February 2nd, 2015 at 11:45 PM ^

For the first time I could see us not filling this class - or just leaving 1 of these spots for the punter - not that it is needed now - can be filled post spring attrition (if any).

No cornerbacks really left on the board but Iman.  That stings.


February 2nd, 2015 at 11:49 PM ^

2016 needs to be a really elite class to mitigate this. We could still get Wheatley and Clark but most of the guys we're in on are meh at this point. Bring on Partridge and the recruiting commitee.


February 2nd, 2015 at 11:58 PM ^

Yep plus side is we are going to have specific positions like S, CB, and DT where we can basically say "commit to us, and you are playing in a year - period."

Reading thru some generic writeups about NSD today I was struck at some of these classes like Auburn, UCLA, Florida - have a ton of 5 stars and Rivals 100 guys they are in the mix for and/or favorites.  Florida is really fascinating  I was curious how big their class is - its 27 kids!  They only have 13.  So they are waiting on 14 guys this week - but like 3 are five stars.

And OSU 2017 class... yes 2017 not 2016 already has 4 players, 3 of which are top 100 guys. 

We need to absolutely destroy the 2016 class.  And with all the graduations post 2016 we are going to be able to offer a ton of playing time almost immediately/immediately to the 2016s and 2017s.



February 3rd, 2015 at 12:13 AM ^

We have OSU and MSU at home.  Need to look very competent in both those games - can lose, but need to look competent.  Those are the 2 teams we currently will be measured against as the top of the Big 10.   Not LOL we scored a TD vs MSU, the first in 3 years and look at our OC jumping around like we won the SB.  I expect Harbaugh teams to be competent.  Just need that damn QB position to fill out.  Our OL will be finally full of upperclassmen and the DL will be too (mostly).  You neutralize the trenches and you can do a lot of good things - we havent been able to since 2011.

And early season loss to Utah or whatever will be dismissed if we end the year well.

What i expect from Harbaugh is our teams for the first time in a long time to GET BETTER AS THE SEASON PROGRESSES.  Individual players will GET BETTER AS THE SEASON PROGRESSES.

You know ... like how it works with our basketball team. 

We often have to cobble together a team from near scratch in bball so look a bit foolish in certain games in Nov/Dec - then by Jan/Feb no one wants to play us.  I'd like to see that in football for th efirst time since eh 2006..  We look a bit foolish in September as we piece things together but by late October no one wants to play us.  Even if this year we may lack some pieces. 


February 3rd, 2015 at 7:20 AM ^

Hoke's 2015 recruiting class disintegrated because it was clear in October that he was gone.  

As long as Harbaugh is showing some progress and the coaching staff looks stable (coordinator and position coach stability matters too), Harbaugh will be able to recruit effectively in 2016.

We just have to look like a program is being built, not torn down.


February 3rd, 2015 at 10:58 AM ^

Hoke's staff didn't develop them well.  I think Harbaugh will be able to rectify that.  QB is, of course a question. 

The questions is your schedule.  Everyone talks about how great it is that you get OSU and MSU at home, I almost think you would be better off to have them on the road and get Minnesota and PSU at home.  I'm not saying you can't beat MSU or OSU, but both are returning a lot of guys.  Marduzzi leaving may make them more vulnerable.  I just think you would be better off if, what I see as potnetial toss up games, were at home.  

On the plus side PSU is late in the season so you won't be their 8 pm whiteout game and by that point the youth on the team almost has a season under their belt so it wouldn't be as tough a road game as early October.  Kill is bring slightly more than half his starters back.  Talent wise and making a way too early prediction, you should win that game.  But I would still feel better if it was at home. 

But to your point, yes, you need a winning record, but as other have said, in the losses you need to look like you could've won and that is what will get you to the point of looking like a program being built. 


February 3rd, 2015 at 12:07 AM ^

Yep, Harbaugh needs these first 2 years to be well above average.  Kids have short memories.  They already know little about a competent UM team but their memory of Harbaugh being a boss is still extremely elevated.  Important not to let that falter.   Looking like we belong on the same field with "very good teams" helps as well as not looking like a punk when playing Notre Dame, Utah, Minnesotas will help too.