In-Home Monday with Jake Fisher...

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“It went well,: Jake said about Funk's visit. "He just told me about his coaching resume and getting to rebuild a relationship, one of those types of things.”

He has also had the chance to speak over the phone with new head man Brady Hoke. “I have a couple times here,” Fisher said. “They’ve been good, really good.”

Fisher will take in visits to Florida and Oregon in the coming weeks, and will make an effort to get to Ann Arbor or wait for Hoke to make it to Traverse City. “Either they’re going to come here or I’m going to go there, one or the other.”



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Here's another positive quote from that article. Hopefully he will be apart of this class...

Despite the reopening of his commitment, the Wolverines are still very much in the running for Fisher, and he is more comfortable with the new situation in Ann Arbor.

“Yeah, absolutely. It’s just the way they want to run the program and things like that. I had no idea how they were going to be.”



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"... so that michigan can again return to the dominating force that it was ..."

Yes -- we'd need to turn back the clock to 2001 (the last year of Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Backus, and Maurice Williams).  What followed was a very bleak (and non-traditional, for Michigan) stretch that produced only David Baas and Jake Long.  Was it Andy Moeller's fault?  I'm not sure, but it took RichRod (of all people) to restore the talent pool.  I'd take Lewan-Omameh-Molk et al. over any of the Moeller lines, especially the one from the infamous OSU game where the overweight Wolverines are looking like big, fat pylons.


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Must keep Fisher in this class. We need the OL depth for the coming years and Jake could be a good tackle for us. Hoke needs to remind him about other tackles in Michigan history, especially Long and now Lewan.


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This site has been flooded with morons as of late. I'm not sure how you could misspell Backus after it was cited on the post you replied to and furthermore Jeff was the best LT in the NFC North in a unanimous vote by all of the head coaches. The MGoBoard has obviously become an uninformed place where stupidity reigns.


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a huge get for us.  The only true tackle that we're going after in this class.  Here's to hoping Hoke seals the deal during the in-home, which I trust he will.


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Not sure if this is worthy of a separate thread, so I'm putting it here: Sam Webb's recruiting roundup today focused on defensive backs, and he was particularly positive about Raymon Taylor, who will be visiting U-M this weekend and making his announcement on signing day. Webb said, "I'm getting a gut feeling" on Taylor.

Podcast can be found here.

Taylor was also mentioned in a Josh Helmholdt article from today in the Free Press:

Taylor is committed to Indiana and took an official visit to Bloomington last weekend, but he grew up a Michigan fan and has said it is his dream school.


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Hoke has very little time left before signing day.  It would be great if Fisher makes it to AA rather than Hoke flying to Traverse City. 

In any case, sure hope Jake goes Blue.


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Hoke needs to be a traveling man from now until singing day, seeing at least one recruit per day, every single day, at that recruit's home if at all possible.  When you are playing catchup, you need to show the recruit how much you want him by going to his home, not waiting for him to come to you.  If there are still a dozen guys Hoke wants to turn blue, then he should plan on making a dozen in-home visits.


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I attended the same school as Jake and i heard from a friend that an Oregon coach was just sitting in our commons area today waiting to meet with Jake. Despite his visit there in up and coming weeks, Oregon still sent somebody out here to talk to him. I mean i haven't heard of any michigan coach's making the short 4 hour trip to Traverse to speak to Jake in person. Michigan needs to show some serious interest in him besides just a phone call or two. I mean if something along these lines has already happened and i am unaware then i apologize. I really don't wanna loose Jake to Oregon or Florida.