Holmes Onwukaife Update

Submitted by TomVH on November 15th, 2009 at 7:40 PM

I spoke with Holmes Onwukaife tonight, who is currently committed to FSU. He's still firm with FSU, but he hasn't closed any doors either. I asked him if he still stays in regular contact with Michigan, and he said yes.

He had just spoken with Fred Jackson this past week, and Michigan has told him he still has a scholarship with them. They are recruiting him as an outside linebacker, which is what he'd like to play.

Originally, they were recruiting him for DE, and he wanted to commit, but was asked to move to MLB. He didn't want to at the time, and committed to FSU.

Although he said he is still firm with FSU, and the coaching changes won't affect his decision, he isn't ruling out a visit to Michigan, either. He said he's not making any promises, but he doesn't have a game this week, and it would be possible to make it up for the OSU game. It sounded like a long shot, but possible.

He didn't want to say too much, which is understandable.



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I wonder if this illustrates a weakening commitment or decreased interest in one of the guys already committed.

I wish he had been interested in playing ILB. I think he'd be good at playing downhill in the run game.


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I do think Wilkins and Paskorz are more DE-types than LB-types. But if we can't sign some of these kids back to the 2009 class, then I don't know how much extra room we'll have left.

Of course, it could also be that the coaches are just not trying to burn any bridges in case anything happens between now and signing day.

Hoken's Heroes

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I'd probably go to FSU where the hot Florida chicks will dig the name much better than the stuck up girls at Michigan! Just saying.

And you all know the chicks at FSU are WAY nicer than the chicks at Michigan.


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My friends and I would have put a place like that out of business, were it in Ann Arbor. Although, come to think of it, didn't Touchdown's have dollar pitchers on Tuesdays? That pretty much comes out to the same thing.


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yes that Bill Martin owns the building where Mitch's was located. Bill wanted to rent it out to the University (to make more money on rent), which he did, but currently it is empty again. I know the owner of Mitch's (Jody) as I used to work at Mitch's in the late 90s while in school. Jody actually reopened Mitch's right across the street from the old Mitch's. It is on the top floor, where I believe Kaplan Learning Center used to be above where McDonald's used to be on South University at the corner of South Forest. The bar is o.k. but not the same.


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So he tries to commit this summer and we say sorry your position is filled (but you can play middle LB if you want) then we have terrible LB play in the fall and we come back to him after he commits to FSU?

Not the best move by the Michigan coaching staff. They should have taken him with open arms this summer.

The King of Belch

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But, that's how these things work out. The oddest thing about this is that, IIRC, he tried to commit to UM before he even had a solid offer.

Oh well, he is a kid whose film I thought was solid. Y'know, is it just me or do these kids look fantastic on their highlight films? What's up with that?

This is one I hope Rodriguez can turn around.


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They felt his position was full at the time so the couldn't take his commit. It's not as if they knew the LB play would fail so miserably. In fact the early reports were that Greg Robinson loved the play of Mouton and had every expectation of him succeeding. Now that the play has been terrible they are trying to get back in on him.


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Perhaps in the summer the staff thought LB play would be good. Things often look much different in summer camp than in the actual season. The staff are not omniscient.

EDIT - oops, I basically just repeated what Me said.


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Count me in as surprised the staff never accepted this commit in the first place.

I love Onwukaife's versatility. Looks like he can play at DE in this scheme, to ILB, and even OLB if he has the speed. I like his upside as well.

I hope it's not too late.


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Maybe it's because the wavering of Olaniyan is causing some increased interest.

Anyways, I agree - we need bodies at all linebacker positions and I would love to see him here.