Submitted by Graham Brown on February 1st, 2012 at 2:54 PM

Just finished listening to Hoke's signing day presser, and picked up on this gem when asked about social media:

Hoke: "I don't facebook, I don't twitter, I don't email."

Reporter: "You don't use email?"

Hoke: "No. [pause] If I want to talk to somebody I'll talk to them."


Now that's old school.



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That is a bit absurd to claim that he does not.  It would be the equivalent of a person in 1985 saying "I don't receive mail, it I want to talk to somebody I will talk to them."  Come on Brady, lose a little of this kind of stuff already.  You are tough and you don't take any shit from anybody.  We get it. 


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I know people who even if they have email accounts, never check them.  If you say "can I email you a picture" they ask for a print, or send it to someone else.  They don't look at it enough to be something they'll get in a month. 

I know email seems like one of your arms to some people, but there are those that don't facebook, or tweet.  And manage to get by.


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have a facebook account and have never visited a twitter page, but email?  I know, like the people on Hoarders, they probably don't have an email account, but is it possible for a functining professional to not have an email account.  If it still is, those days are certainly numbered.


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Come on Brady, lose a little of this kind of stuff already. You are tough and you don't take any shit from anybody. We get it.

Why should he lose it? This whole shtick is entertaining.

I'm sure Brady has, in fact, put on a longsleeved shirt before, and maybe even one with red on it. But the legend is more fun than the (probable) truth.


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When the team fails to live up to expectations (hasn't happened yet, just to be clear), then you can question the way Hoke operates.  Until that time he can do whatever the f he wants.  And anyway, the media blows these things out of proportion.  Hoke just states his preferences and they run with it because it's an interesting angle.

Clarence Beeks

February 1st, 2012 at 3:09 PM ^

Is there a link to the press conference available anywhere?  I got home late and missed most of it, but would like to watch it.  The link on mgoblue doesn't load, but that was the link for when the press conference was "live"...


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Its fine and dandy to act like all the modern technology  is beaneth you, and you prefer a more personal approach, but hopefully he understands that today's youth is all about that kind of stuff.

I hope someone on Hoke's staff understands such pooey as "e-mail"  and "facebook".  Staying current is not a crime.



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Our coaTBBraBrady's communication style will ensure he never crosses paths with BRCE and His Dudeness (pictured below??).  The only downside I see is that he probably is unaware that CRAIG JAMES allegedly KILLED 5 HOOKERS AT SMU.  Someone should probably warn him...