Hoke: Williams and Avery back, Gardner gets encouragement from Manziel

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Hoke: A.J. Williams and Courtney Avery are back

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 18, 2013


Gardner: Johnny Manziel sent me a text after the game telling me to keep my head up

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 18, 2013

I'm not sure how much to read into this:

Hoke on if same starting five OL will start Saturday "I don't know yet. We'll see what happens"

— angelique (@chengelis) September 18, 2013



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Shows Manziel isn't really that strange.. I really like Manziel even with the antics the guy can flat out play. Nice show of support to DG. I'm hoping that we get to see Chris Bryant play some G. I think a 330lbs LG would be hard to move.


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Manziel's what - 18?  I personally had my head parked firmly up my ass at 18.  I loathe people judging kids his age for things like, god forbid, sleeping in, partying and showing animation on the field.  Not every kid comes to school groomed by Archie Manning or Emily Post.

Son of Lloyd Brady

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Curious as to why Manziel texting Devin is better than someone like Tebow. Ah yes, an immature player routinely making headlines for the wrong reason rather than someone who stands up for what they believe in, and is beyond all accounts a great role model. Don't get me wrong, I do not like Tebow as a football player, but it is extremely hard to not like him as a person. Not his fault the media has an obsession with him, and at least the notoriety hasn't gone to his head like it seemingly has with Manziel.


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When someone is outspoken about faith or tries too hard to share their beliefs it turns people off.  Especially when the people most out there about sharing their faith and beliefs all too often end up being sanctimonious hypocrites.  Not saying that is what Tebow is, just that much of the public has been conditioned to view something like this with skepticism. ESPN and media shoving him down our throats doesnt help the situation. 


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That might be going too far but Tebow does seem like a good guy and nothing has come out to show otherwise.  Unless ya'll have some other evidence, he's a good, upstanding guy in my book.  Just because he could bang any girl on Florida's campus and didn't (which makes you suspicious), makes me more impressed.  Damn, all that extra testosterone helped.


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Can't think of a group mor...aahaahahahahahaha

Do you live in the Wonderland?!? Bizarro World?!? One or both just entered the union apparently. F'n People hold every major office and job yet claim to be persecuted. Please tell me you're joking. Add an /s, please, with that bullshit. lmao


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Holy shit, this is like finding a unicorn. I didn't think it existed, but we've found the 1 person in the entire world who is smart enough to turn on a computer yet dumb enough to actually need a /s tag to mark obvious sarcasm.


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Faith is a belief/choice.  If I want to believe in dragons and unicorns or Santa Claus I have that right.  However, when people choose to laugh at or ridicule my beliefs I need to accept it, because well, it's faith.  I have yet to see institutionalized prejudice agains Christians.


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If his social life after turning 21 is anything like mine was, it may be best if he waits one more year for the NFL (i.e. the most important job interview of his life).

I was drunk for at least 8 months straight when I turned 21, and I am not a rich, Heisman-trophy winning quarterback. TMZ, I mean ESPN, is going to love this shit.

Mr. Yost

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What if he wants to be Joe Namath or Jim McMahon (without the concussions) and is perfectly okay being an NFL QB for 4-5 years, trying his hand in the minor leagues...and just living off his celebrity?

You said "if" so this isn't towards you. But, I wonder why so many people try to plan a guys future for him. As if they know his aspirations and want him to live a certain way.

What if he wants to start his own show on ESPN that is a spinoff of Entourage? Hell, I guarantee if Manizel and Tebow started this show that showed their lives in a reality format...a good v. evil, angel v. devil...people would eat that shit up and it would be rerunning on E! for years. Both would get paid and never leave the limelight.

My point is, he may like that attention and the fame...he may like it even more than being the next Tom Brady. Do what you want, bro. I couldn't care less.


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Manziel's 20, and I think the issue people have with him is that he never seemed to understand the trade-off you have to make when you become famous.  People stop him on the street and want his autograph (wink wink for free wink wink *seizure*), and he's one of the 3-4 most famous players in college football.  But for all that fame and adulation, the trade-off is that you don't violate obvious rules, miss important dates with (you hope) future colleagues, and act like an ass when people call you on it.  Yes, college kids are allowed to screw around, and I'm okay with him being animated on the field.  But the reason he is so vilified is because most top players don't act in that way.  I'm not saying he hasn't been unfairly attacked at times, but the whole "he's young so he can be dumb" is just a cop-out for poor behavior.


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I know (suspect?) that most people aren't like this, but I'd be a little upset if I were in Gardner's position and received that text.

I know I did poorly, I don't need you to affirm that for me in a text that carries that implicit suggestion. Also, who the hell are you to be handing out advice? GTFO with your patronizing bullshit.