Hoke vs RR:Luck and Gods(MS Paint)

Submitted by The Shredder on June 27th, 2011 at 9:06 AM

I have to admit I have been blow away by how one man can have such terrible luck and the other could walk into a casino right now and walk out a millionaire. I know RR did a lot to screw him self but man did he catch some terrible breaks. 

While Hoke and Co get a OSU melt downs and kids pounding down Michigans door to play here(a lot that is just mad recruiting skill I know but they are picking Michigan left and right). Even on the field things didn't go his way. Corner Hating God was out in full force and one of his QBs being a giant pain in the ass while not going to school. Nothing really went right. So was it luck/Michigan God? Discuss and enjoy MS Paints. First of 2011.

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Sometimes, a person can create their own "luck".  Hiring Mattison wasn't luck.  Establishing recruiting contacts in both Michigan and Ohio wasn't luck.  Returning Michigan football to a pro-style offense was a choice (not luck).  And so on...


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...but he's essentially correct in his observations about "luck" (good and bad).  As you rightly note, the future is uncertain. That's why what one does in the present is so essential.

Every man's life lies within the present; for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain. - Marcus Aurelius


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He is not essentially right about luck. Some men have the good fortune to have some things go right for them, while others have the poor fortune of having some things go poorly for them. As Shakespeare might say: "Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered." That being said, one's fate generally tends to mirror one's ability and determination. I don't think most people would say RR didn't fail here (bad luck wasn't hiring Greg Robinson), but some wonder if certain strikes of bad luck or misfortune did not occur, what might have happened.

For example, Hannibal (the Carthaginian general) versus Scipio Africanus (Roman general): two unparalleled maserminds of military for their time. Hannibal destroyed several Roman armies, but since he was on the side of Carthage, who lacked the manpower and resources of the unfolding Roman empire, he could not actually defeat Rome. Scipio, a man of near if not equal poise and ability as Hannibal, has the strength of Rome behind him. After 3 significant and devastating defeats of Roman armies by Hannibal, Rome is still able to muster an army powerful enough for Scipio to defeat Hannibal. Lets just say if Hannibal had been on the side of Rome, I shudder to think of the possibilities.


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I"m a newbie but I really enjoy the art Shredder.

And I share your amazement at how stark the contrast of fortunes between the two coaches has been thus far.  If you believe God has anything to do with the affairs of men, RR was certainly cursed, and BH is undoubtedly blessed.

And I don't mean to imply that RR somehow deserved it or caused it.  I think we've all gone through periods of our life when everything was rollin' our way and also had seasons when the opposite was true.

I'm glad RR came because if he didn't, we wouldn't have Denard.

And I'm glad he's gone because if he was still here we wouldn't have Mattison.

I think God loves Michigan Football.  It's just that sometimes us fans have to be patient and endure some tough times until He can get all the right pieces into place.