Hoke revealed first team OL today (in first padded practice).......

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EDIT: fixed to not scare people as much

Hoke says first team OL today was Mason Cole LT, Magnuson LG, Miller C, RG Glasgow/Dawson, RT Braden

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) August 8, 2014



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I personally don't care who specifically they start, but the constant shuffling and going 180 from what they said was happening even two days ago is what frustrates me. We're running out of practice time to be fucking around with motivational moves if that's what this is. The shuffling the last two years ended up not being that and was from not having good options and forebode doom later, maybe contributed to it in the case of last year. There's no way to sugar coat this, it's extremely alarming any way you cut it.


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5th actually, 1/4 of fall camp. I think you overestimate the amount of time these guys actually get each week with the coaches and each other, and underestimate the reps it takes to run inside zone effectively against everything defenses can throw at them, or to develop the chemistry with the guys next to you which is also required in a zone blocking OL.


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how when I shared with my brother my excitement that we have Nuss as our new OC he said we'll see the same erratic line changes and lack of development of OL cohesion as last year because that's the OL coach's job.

Still expecting good things, but man, I hope we don't see three different starting O lines in the first three games.


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When the line play simply is not what it should be what is the correct answer?  Do you continue to stick with guys that aren't getting it done, continue to switch to find the best scenario, or somewhere in the middle?  I know it's easy to get frustrated with the coaches, but I think the problem is simply a lack of experience of the players.  Nothing will make them all 4th and 5th year players this season.  They are all still mostly 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year guys.  Can you win with one or two of them, sure, but with 3-4 out of 5 underclassman, and none of the older guys being really high rated recruits...It is what it is.


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That's exactly what I'm worried about. The two reasons to do this are motivational tool, or grasping at straws trying to will 5 passable OL out of not enough options. The former is a waste of time at this juncture IMO, and the latter means we're no better off than this time last year. (edit: option 3,epic trolling, which if true, mission accomplished)


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So the media was allowed in for the first 20 minutes per Baumgartner link below. 


My bet is that Hoke was just messing with the media by showing an OL that OBVIOUSLY will not be the starting OL.  I seriously doubt this was the line for the part of practice the media did not attend.



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I don't understand that strategy.  It's not as if another teams knows which offensive lineman you plan on playing it changes their defensive strategy/game plan.  Do you think defensive coordinators will do anything different if it's Cole, Mags, Miller, Dawson, Braden versus Mags, Bosch, Glasgow, Kalis, and Braden?  I don't see this has having any impact on other teams or media.  The only outcome I see this having is the media asking more questions of Hoke about the line, which I can't imagine he likes.


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Three weeks is a lot of time.  I have nine practices left before our first game.  I have no idea who my two DT's are, who my OLB's are, I have no idea who the hell is going to play either corner.  Our QB competition is to close to call, only one guy on the OL is a lock to start.  Oh and we are a top five ranked team, a lot of people think we can win a state title. 

However, you have just made me start to panick, so tomorrow to start practice I am going to run around waving my hands screaming "we're all going to die, we're all going to die"  Also, we're just going to cancel the season.  Thanks for you wisdom.  


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I guess i would feel a lot better about 3 weeks if last year wasn't an unmitigated disaster and we weren't dealing with installing a new offense at the same time. I'd feel better if all the shuffling the last two years meant ultimately putting a successful unit on the field instead of foreshadowing of serious issues to come. These guys need a many reps together as they can get.


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I know "just a rs so" but......this guy was supposedly ready in HS. There will be blood and it won't be mine, etc. Where is that guy? Exactly why I do my best to ignore recruiting now. Expectations.


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FWIW, which is nothing, I didn't think he was ready. And I'm not even a scout. I just know that 18 year old kids aren't ready. Whose fault is it that rubes buy what the carnival barkers are selling?

True Blue Grit

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At least do a damned grammar check before you post.  It reads like an MSU graduate would write.  Furthermore, as an old rich 'alumnus', I take offense to your assertion we "was content" to just 'compete' with OSU every year.  We have NEVER, EVER been content with losing to Ohio.  So, stop speaking for us and get a better attitude.  Everyone on this blog knows that Michigan has not done as well as we'd all like in the last two years.  But constantly complaining about it and pointing out the obvious will not bring about our return to dominance any sooner.  Start practicing something us old timers call "patience" and "perspective". 


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"....completing with OSU."  I believe the correct phrase should have been, "....competing with OSU."

The next one is the use of "awhile".  Since he proceeded it with a preposition, "in" then the object of the preposition cannot be an adverb, "awhile".  Rather the object of a preposition must be a noun such as "while".  Correctly the prepositional phrase should be, "...in a while."

The first is a spelling error, the second is a grammatical error, though could be spelling.  Really though, do any but the pedantic really care about comments on a blog post?