Hoke radio interview from today (4-6-12)

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Hoke did a radio interview today on some Colt's radio show.  Can be found here if that link doesn't work, here's the round about way, just click on the 4.6.12 link.  He's on at about 29 minutes into the program and is on about 10 minutes.  The host seem to know his stuff, he does say he's a fan and was kind of fanboying Hoke (but interviewers tend to do that). At least he knew names of players and made somewhat amusing "Michigan tradition" comments and questions. There's the obligatory Will Campbell question, Taylor Lewan = leader question, true freshman impact question and tell us about how awesome it is to get that job. A lot of Hoke dropping players names, a few uses of the word "tremendous", the phrase "no question" and I imagine some finger pointing.



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God I love coach Hoke and his focus on both the offensive and defensive lines.  I wonder why a colts radio show would have him on of all people though.  Not complaining I love interviews from any source.


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I found it interesting that Hoke said Stephen Hopkins is up to 245 pounds and is a guy who will do good things. Is this the bad weight or is this now good weight this deep into camp?

A good 245 would be incredible if he can really bring it.


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"Well ... there's no question about it." -- Hoke's reply to several questions in that interview. :-)

Love the guy.  Just love him.

Nice interview ... and agree, the interviewer knew a thing or two about Michigan and the players.  He did a heckuva nice job with that.  Interviewing ain't easy, and that guy made it look easy.

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in the locker room and at the practices to see how Hoke operates one-on-one with his players and his team.  And what I wouldn't give to be able to shadow Borges and Mattison for a few weeks and just absorb what they know.

Crap ... I think I just shed a tear on my keyboard ... a tear of joy over all things Meechigan.


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Ya know, i always want the best for our team and expect great things. College sports are better when we are good. That said, if we drop a couple big games this year, it will not affect how i see hoke! I love this guy and IMO he gets more slack then douche rod ever did. He is what we love, need and want. I was really skeptical when his name came about but god damn I've never been more happy to be wrong!


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Who agrees?

•Michigan State is our little brother

•Notre Dame is our twin brother

•Ohio State is the annoying kid across the street

•Nebraska is the new kid that moved in next door and thinks he's all that.

•Indiana and Purdue are our twin's friends who are over all the time but suck at everything.

•Penn State is the one next door that everyone has neighborhood stories about and everyone thinks he is a creep. He is a legend in our neighborhood.

•Wisconsin lives in the other neighborhood and is pretty good but we never see him.

•Minnesota always comes over and tries to beat us but never wins

•Northwestern and Illinois are the two little kids that are not athletic, and everyone feels bad for them.

•Iowa is Iowa