Hoke: Mike & Mike 5/16

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Just heads up saw this on twitter but Brady Hoke will join the set on Mike & Mike today at 9am on ESPN2.



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This should be interesting. Mike Golich was a little pissy yesterday when talking about ND being called a chicken by Hoke. He was saying in a nutshell that Purdue and MSU have a better rivalry than Michigan because the series between those schools and ND has been longer. Kept saying Hoke should just stop. Just stop when talking about Michigan and ND. Cant wait to listen to this.


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I think about tuning in to Mike and Mike every day on my way to work (maybe get some NHL info) and then I realize that all they're going to be talking about is NBA basketball.....and they'll repeat the same drama each day (I don';t care if Rose plays, I don't carry if Howard is selfish, I don't care if Carmelo won't pass....).

Are you up in Raleigh?  I recently moved from there to Jacksonville, FL.  I use my TuneIn Radio app every day to listen to Raleigh sports talk on the way home.  It works out pretty well.


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Yeah I live in Leesville - N. Raleigh.  I like Adam and Joe but the ACC homerism is just too much for me some days.  And that David Glenn guy is the worst.


Oh and I have the WTKA app so I listen to Sam Webb in the mornings instead of Mike and Mike.


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I'm curious as to what ND slappy Golic has to say about the "chickened out' comment.  My guess is that Hoke plays it down as a little humor for the hometown audience.  You know...coachspeak.


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 Actually, Stanford is the one series that ND can’t justify keeping on their schedule over Mich. Right now, ND current spin to deflect “chicken” comment is to bring up that the other series’ are more “storied” and have been played longer.  Stanford/ND is the one continuing series that is less on both counts when compared to Mich/ND. The other games have been played more often.

                                    Series Start                            Total Games

Stanford/ND              1925                                       27

Mich/ND                    1887                                       40


 I understand why they would want to keep it over us, It gives them more marketing, recruiting and overall general “presence” on the west coast and also has a historically greater chance of ND victory. Now they get the presence on the east coast and south by beating up on  the ACC and Navy, west coast through USC & Stanford, and Midwest with MSU and Purdue, without having to face the Big Brother who could slap them around and knock them out of contention! So in effect it really is some "chickening" by them.


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One issue I have with ND's response to this is their assertion that Purdue and Michigan State are bigger rivals just because they have played more games.  This is obviously a very weak attempt to justify their decision.  Rivalries are judged not just by games played, but the competitiveness and import of those games.  Prior to Hoke's comments, was there anyone in the world who really thought Purdue was a bigger rival for Notre Dame than Michigan?  I'm sure we've played Indiana more times than we have Notre Dame, but Notre Dame was a much bigger rival.


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 Good point, and to make it even stronger we have UND.COM (The Official Site of Notre Dame Athletics ) adding even more significance to the historic value of the series prior to the 2012 game.    http://www.und.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041912aab.html

{emphasis mine}

 The 2012 Notre Dame-Michigan game at Notre Dame Stadium will feature special recognition events based on Irish football history dating back to the first Notre Dame game in 1887 against Michigan.

 The Notre Dame-Michigan relationship qualifies as the original and oldest Football Bowl Subdivision rivalry.

 It's just the official site of Notre Dame athletics saying it is the first game they ever played and is the "original and oldest FBS rivalry". But what do they know?!?!?


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I have a book on my coffee table about the Michigan-Notre Dame football rivalry (my girlfriend/co-inhabitant is an ND grad). Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't know of any books written about the Purdue or Michigan State rivalries. Not saying that's a checkmate (there's a book about the Miami-ND rivalry), but the point being there's a history beyond who played who X number of times.


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I actually met Elizabeth Berkely at the '89 Rose Bowl where we housed USC.  I talked to her just after half time outside on the ramparts exactly at the moment Ty Wheatly rumbled 83 yards or whatever it was.  I was OK missing the run to chat up the fuego before me.  She was from Farmington Hills and went to North Farmington High I believe, and thus a big Michigan fan.  Felt like I was making headway until some 50 year old producter type came by and whisked her away by the arm.  ... Hollywood.

/boom Cool Story Bro'd.


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Was pretty light hearted.  Lots of respect for ND and the rivalry, blah blah blah.  Sad to see it going away.  Chickening out might not be the best word, but that's what it amounts to.  


Joked about what Hoke would do if he won the lottery, said he'd stay at Michigan.  


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there is an uncanny resemblance, voice-wise.


Hoke's comments about ND pretty much took the air out of any remaining controversy about the chicken thing. The Domers will have to work real hard to keep it as bulletin board material over the summer.


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I had to chuckle when he opened by saying that he almost didn't call, but he didn't want to "chicken out". I really thought his answers about the ND-Michigan rivalry were great - he seemed quite genuine in his disappointment, and using UTL's atmosphere as example of what it could be worked well to illustrate that. 


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Yea, once they post the best of mike and mike podcast sometime later today. That's what I'm waiting on. Got to my desk at 8:15 CDT. Heard Golic in next segment still trying to defend the ND perspective and Greeny pointing out the obvious facts and telling him it makes absolutely no sense to keep Purdue over Michigan.  EDIT: Interview up now on espnradio homepage http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=9281370