Hoke lookalikes go mainstream

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From my day job. Unfortunately my co-worker Jack is an OSU fan. I hate him and plan to kill him later this afternoon.

Real takeaway here is how much better shape Hoke is in than Chris Christie. Man. Maybe consider getting an elliptical to fall off the back of a FEMA truck. #nopolitico 




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I've always thought jabs at Hoke's weight are overdone. Of course, this is partially because I am less than a year apart from Hoke in age, and am large myself (6'3", 299 pounds) without being morbidly obese.

One thing, at mgoblog and other Michigan sites, is that we haven't been above taking potshots at other coaches with (ahem) weight problems.

  • Exhibit A:  Charlie Weis.
  • Exhibit B:  Phillip Fulmer.

I would only expect fat jokes to come out of Columbus and East Lansing, at least until Hoke loses 50 pounds or so. And neither Urban Meyer nor Mark Dantonio appear to be overweight.


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I'm pretty sure Buzzfeed must have OSU alums/fans as contributors. It's small, but that little "Coach of the (recently defeated) Michigan Wolverines" just bugs me. Throw that in there with their post about how Ohio is great (lol) and it's just one of the things that irks me

French West Indian

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...is a large guy so having a big gut is somewhat expected.  The really scary problem is that there's so much fat in his head that he doesn't even know the correct name of our biggest rival.  It's Ohio State, not just Ohio (which is actually and entirely different school.)

It'll be interesting to see how nasty things get when he's inevitably run out of town.


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Seriously, there are few HCs that identify with the American populous. Maybe folks are annoyed that he can coach so well while staying such an everyday person.

What other HC would you actually want as an uncle or neighbor more than Hoke?


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is that there are people much fatter than Brady, and also Chris Christie has bad skin.

Maybe Lochdog can come up with a slick new ad campaign. Brady Hoke: great coach, more svelte than Chris Christie, nice skin.


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in the middle of the season, on the Stony & Bill (and Sara) Show, they brought up recent comparisons being made about he & Christie and he interrupted them to say (paraphrasing) "I keep seeing him and thinking, what a good looking man he is!"

i had a good laugh.