Hoke Gets "It" Reason #347

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Hoke handed out what's called "Victors Manual" to his team during fall camp.

"It's just a lot of different things with traditions and leadership, educating them about the university and the great university we represent," he said.

Not the difference between winning and losing of course, but another cool tidbit about Brady Hoke and his magical ability to bring together the masses of Michigan Fandom through pointing and pooping gold.



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Hat Collection is great. Another "Hoke gets it" thing.

Question: can someone point me to a link explaining Hoke's history in the love of all things Michigan. Was he a fan as a kid? His family? Did it start when he joined the coaching staff? Being that he is from Ohio, and went to Ball State, I've never been 100% clear on when and how he began to bleed maize and blue.

Blue in Seattle

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And really many people.  Michigan is THE winningest football program.  You either love it or hate it, but few who love football don't know about it.  I expect that as Hoke continues to be successful, the parallels drawn between him and Bo will magnify.  Afterall, Bo was the HC at his alma mater.  Brady doesn't yet have stories about his dad taking him on fishing trips up in Michigan and listening to Michigan games on the radio.  But they both grew up in Ohio, in a strong football state, playing football.  How could you do that an not be aware of Michigan and Ohio State?  How could you really dream of going anywhere else?  I mean how many recruits do we hear about that are like, "I've always been a fan of Minnesota while I was growing up and playing football in grade school and high school"?

And just like Bo coaching at OSU for his greatest mentor Woody, Bo made the jump to HC at his alma mater, Miami (ntm).  The difference is that, everyone expected Bo's dream job was replacing Woody, and instead he got picked by Michigan after Don Canham failed to get Joe Paterno to take the Michigan job.  Even Paterno said, "hey you should go after this young guy who's really good, named Shembechler"  I wonder what the internet would have thought about how chaotic that coaching search was?

The day Shembechler came to town.

Mr. Yost

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...than at MICHIGAN.


I don't have kids, and Hoke is certainly older than I am...but I can't help but get this feeling that a parent has to get when they sit back and watch their son or daughter liveout his/her dreams.


It makes me root for Coach Hoke that much more...even beyond Michigan. Just knowing that this is what he has worked so hard for and watching him succeed here is awesome. It's something that is very rare...even more so in sports.


Hoke could start 50-0 at Michigan...and there's something special about knowing there is NO doubt that he'd be here, running out of the tunnel to win #51 for Michigan rather than trying to win the AFC North for the Bengals or something like that.

Section 1

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I've read Tressel's book, by the way.  It's very good.

Now, just to be clear; does Hoke get "It"?  Or does Hoke "Get" it?  Or does Hoke "get it"?  Or is all of this business about "getting it" just a great big euphemism for media pandering to the most stubbornly-retrenched elements of the fanbase?

Blue in Seattle

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'cause I would have gone with the Michigan Fight song as the source of inspiration for the title "Victor's Manual".  Or is it that you are suggesting that Jim Tressel is the only coach ever to compile a text book of the things he wants to teach his players, and that he's the first one who thought, "you know, the title really needs to inform my players of their overall goal here as a football player, now let's see what is our overall goal, hmmm..."

Yep, Brady Hoke is copying Jim Tressel, great scoop there Section 1.

Section 1

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It would not surprise me one bit, if Brady Hoke read "The Winners Manual," liked it, and wanted to do something similar, but more Michigan-centric for his team.

Somebody can ask Hoke about that.  I'd like to think that Hoke would give an honest answer one way or another.  Since the people who attend his pressers are sportswriters, and sportswriters tend to be avid consumers of sportswriting, I expect that someone might just ask Hoke that question.

My presumption, by the way, is that Hoke's book, if it is one, is probably very good.  I'd buy one in an instant if I had the chance, and as it gathers publicity, the pattern of these things is that it probably will be published someday.  Expanded/edited/etc. in association with a professional writer, probably. 

Paging John U. Bacon...



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I will settle the arguement for both of you. Manual was a poor MexiCAN immigrant who wrote everything down in a notebook so he could remember how things worked. When an American asked him to see the notebook he would give it to them and say his name, Manual, because he didn't speak any English. This saying caught on like Michigan night game jerseys in Ohio and became universally known as a manual. So Hoke and Tressel both owe Manual a sombrero tip.

Glad I could clear that up for the both of you.


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...or it could mean bleeding maize and blue, respecting and passing on the traditions that have come before us, being an upstanding and respectful member of the community, and competing with both extreme passion and integrity. 

It also helps that he has a way of talking that makes you just want to be coached by him.  After his first speech to the press at Michigan I probably would've ran through walls for him if he asked me to.  Al and Greg have that motivational tone, too.


...and rainbows.

Section 1

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I didn't dream up any incendiary nicknames for Coach Hoke.  I didn't falsely accuse him of anything on the front page of the Sunday newspaper.  I'm not calling for his resignation.

I actually like the guy.  I think he's shown some very good judgment and, like his predecessor, an extremely high level of professionalism and public restraint.  And I don't mind saying any of that.

I didn't even lay this public relations lovefest at Coach Hoke's doorstep.  It's not his issue.

So don't tell me about retrenchment.


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I'm not arguing any of those things.  I'm not even arguing.  You're just very resolute in your beliefs.  Many here would argue you are a part of the "retrenched portion of the fanbase."

Also, isn't it entrenched?  Retrenchment is reducing.  Unless you're talking about military fortifications.  In which case, kudos for bringing up an interesting word.

Section 1

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I was using "retrenchment" in the euphemistically military sense: a work or series of works constructed to the rear of existing defences in order to bar the further progress of the enemy .  Where "work" equals defensive structures; earthworks, entrenchments, redans, other fortifications.

And you are right; the primary usage is in reference to "reduction," et cetera.


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Opinionated, dead horse beating: yes.

Doesn't get it: no. Section 1 calls 'em as he (I am assuming he) sees 'em. Then he does the research to prove his point out, and stands up for it.

Section 1 "get's it", but isn't a blind follower, and has his own point of view. It's a deeper way of getting it that broad brushing everything as Michigan Man or not.

I personally would have preferred Rodriguez drew on Michigan legacy and traditions more than he did, but I don't think it is a pre-requisite to be a successful head coach at the University of Michigan, and certainly shouldn't be the primary qualifier. (It invites the very in-breeding that has been used by many as the butt of West Virginia jokes.)


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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start.


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Mein Victors Manuelle (English: My Victors Manual ) is a book written by football leader and Coach  Brady Hoke.  It combines elements of Fielding Yost with an exposition of Bo Schmbechlers football ideology. Volume 1 of Mein Victors Manuelle was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1946.[1] The book was edited by the former Fielding Yost who later perished after leading Michigan to an incredible victory streak of his own.[2][3][4]

Hoke began the dictation of the book while imprisoned for what he considered to be "football crimes" enduring a stint at Ball State University. Though Hoke received many accolades early on, he soon devoted himself entirely to one day being the Coach at Michigan. As he continued, Hoke realized that it would have to be a two-volume work at Sandiego State, with the first volume already served at Ball State.