Hoke on Finebaum

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Hoke on Finebaum in the next hour...FYI



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Brady was appropriately lukewarm when talking about Ohio's new hire. He said "Coach Meyer has a good resume and they always have good players, so this is always a game we look forward to in November" or something like that.

He also brought it, by my count, with at least 8 tremendouses.

All things considered, though, he basically said nothing. Denard has become a better leader, he was happy for the seniors last year, he feels for the families affected by the Penn State scandal etc.


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that Alabama will win by at least 14 points. Then it was 10 pts. I'm wondering how much ass kissing he was doing today. I only have the ability to tolerate about seven minutes of that show a week. Listening to southerners drone on in whatever broken dialect it is that they use to communicate is exhausting, so I missed today's interview. I'm wondering how Pawwwwwl managed to remove Saban's dick from his mouth long enough to ask any questions of Hoke?


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Oh shit! I spelled it wrong! What a douchebag I am! Can you imagine misspelling the name of a store??? Dear me!


All I'm saying is that Michigan has more backward hicks than any place I've ever seen in the south. That's a fact. Ann Arbor is an oasis in a desert of strip mall fat asses. So dickheads who ridicule the south merely make themselves more dickheadish. It's not funny and it's cliched.


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you will never be sitting by me... no worries.  But if you sounded like Pawwwwwwl's callers, I would kindly ask you to stop speaking.  A southern accent is not the same as the verbal vomit that spews from an inbred SEC fan living in southern Alabama who still thinks slavery is legal.  Please don't twist my words as I was speaking about the callers to his show, and not the south in it's entirety.

Eye of the Tiger

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It's like stepping into a parallel universe where up is down and down is up...and the accents are amazing.

Yes, there are some dumb callers, but this is sports radio: it's par for the course. I don't think they are any dumber than you'd get for a few of our illustrious in-conference rivals. And certainly not as embarrassing as what you can read every day on Black Shoe Diaries.