Hoke Expects Devin Gardner Redshirt

Submitted by justingoblue on November 26th, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Per Steven J Nesbitt via MGoBlog Twitter from Hoke's presser today.

"Devin Gardner redshirt status: "I would expect that would go through." Documentation is being sent to the Big Ten"



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The only possible comment to this would be a picture of Devin Gardner doing his Mr. Burns celebration with the meme caption "eeeeexcellent."

...But I'm too lazy for that kind of thing.

Yinka Double Dare

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Bellomy beat out Gardner in spring practice, or was at least good enough that they felt comfortable with moving Gardner to receiver.  I still think there were some injury issues with Bellomy and the change in playcalling from Devin to Bellomy won't be so massive as from Denard to Bellomy either.  I suspect Bellomy will be the backup next year unless Morris is so good that he forces his way on the field as the starter.


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Yeah - the kid wasn't ready for primetime, on the road, against one of our toughest opponents, in a game he wasn't expecting to play.  Maybe it's possible Shane would be the same way as a true frosh?

Keep in mind that Bellomy has the experience under his belt now.  That, coupled with a ton of reps in spring practice might make him a quality back up. 


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Come on now..It's Michigan we are talking about.  They have repeadly been denied in the past yet other schools get them everytime.  The Suckeyes got 2 years for a kicker on some trumped up medical reason but the only reason was he couldn't beat out the two guys in front of him until his 6th year.


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While I'm thrilled that Shane Morris is coming to Michigan, I think that there is great value in having an experienced Senior Quarterback. Assuming Devin would start the next two years, this means Shane would redshirt and not play at all next year, and for Shane to be a backup his redshirt Freshman year (Fall 2014.) He wouldn't have to start until Fall 2015, or after 3 full Fall practices, as well as 2 full Spring practices.

True Blue Grit

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would be the thing to do.  But, in reality we'll have to see how things play out in the spring practices and next fall with Bellomy and Morris to see who the best backup would be.  I think Bellomy will bounce back well from the Nebraska debacle, but how far we'll need to see.

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So we get Shane into the summer scrimmages, and give him a lot of reps in the fall camp, and after a few games and he gets into the swing of school as a freshman, we make Shane the starting quarterback and -- I love this part -- we move Devin Gardner to WR!  How cool would that be?  We'd be getting all of our best athletes on the field all at once.


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What Hoke said is coachspeak and people are acting like it's a Sure Thing.

Do people really think Hoke would say anything other than what he said? 

I mean, seriously, do people think Hoke is going to get up there in a press conference and be like, "Oh he'es probably not going to get it." or "How the hell should I know?"

Given the nature of press conference communications under Hoke I just don't take anything he says in a presser too seriously.  


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We have 7 home games next season and our away games are UConn, PSU, MSU, Northwestern, Iowa. Depending on how the season goes, he may not even need the redshirt.


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Nebraska's the real challenge. They lose a lot on defense but almost the whole offense returns, including Martinez and Abdullah. Add in that Wisconsin and Ohio State rotate off their schedule and are replaced by Illinois and Purdue while we drop those teams for Wisconsin and Penn State and we begin the season at a scheduling disadvantage.


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I agree with you, but (a) I like our D against their O (had we not given them incredible field position, we would have nearly shut them down this year), and (b) that game is back at our place. 

Just like this year, the head to head win meant everything.  If we beat them and still lose another Big Ten game, we're golden.  Considering there's a decent chance they lose a second Big Ten game, we might be able to drop 2 non-Nebraska games and still go.  But that game is the biggest game of the season next fall, and it's at home.


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We might not even play them then either. Maryland and Rutgers join in 2014, so the Big Ten schedule is gonna get reworked. Which is a damn shame, cause personally I was looking forward to going to Madison on Halloween weekend in 2015 (or 2016, whatever year we go there)


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The fact that they don't play OSU is a disadvantage, but us adding Penn St. to the schedule isn't going to hurt us.  Penn St. won't be anything close to what they were this year without McGloin and with the scholarship sanctions hitting.