Hoke, Dantonio, HS coaches

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There are quotes aplenty in here.  Commence reading between the lines:



* Goricki has been Sparty-friendly in past articles.  Did he ignore RichRod-friendly coaches here?  Who knows?
* The first guy quoted is Patrick Threet of St. Clair Shores Lakeview.  Steven's brother?  :)  He doesn't appear to be a RichRod fan.  Samples:

"... you can definitely feel there's a leadership vibe there (with Hoke) that will relate to the hard-working people of Michigan ..." (Hopelessly vague ...)

"When you look at Michigan State, they won the state in recruiting and I think it shows."  (Whatever ...)

"There was a little bit of arrogance (with Rodriguez)."

* Next up, the somewhat famous John Herrington of Farmington Hills Harrison:

"I thought Rodriguez was a very good coach, an offensive genius. I think it will be different where Brady will recruit Michigan harder and not just go to Florida and California (like Rodriguez) ..." (I find this much more interesting, because Herrington's opinions probably carry some weight.  Even he seems to believe that RichRod didn't spend enough time in Michigan.)

* How does everyone feel about Hoke downshifting from a BlackBerry to a "regular" cell phone?  Offhand I can't imagine why someone would voluntarily trade down in that area, but maybe that's just me.  More important, what does it say about his modernity?  Coaches are still allowed to text these days, right?  (I'm assuming he wouldn't be enthusiastic about texting with only number keys.)  Does he risk being perceived as out-of-touch by players?  I could see where some people, like Coach Threet, could find the idea appealing.



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Rodriguez recruited California?  That's weird.  He sent out a few offers, but really Michigan didn't get jack shit from California in the past few years...

When newspapers start questioning/caring about what type of phone Brady Hoke uses, then that means they've got nothing better to write about.

But I heard that Hoke's choice of toilet paper is a pine cone, so he must be tough as nails.  It's a good thing Charmin-loving Justin Turner isn't here anymore.  Those two totally wouldn't have bonded, since they have different philosophies on wiping their butt.

The Barwis Effect

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Whether Herrington's wrong or right is irrelevant. Herrington's probably the most respected coach in the state. If it's his perception that your not placing enough emphasis on the state of Michigan, that's a problem because there are a lot of people out there taking their cues from him. In the recruiting game, it's all about perception.


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Oh I agree it's all about perception. That is something that hurt Rodriguez, no doubt in my mind.


The problem, of course, was that his perception wasn't based in reality, so the question is why is that the case and what can you do about it?


And I don't think that "whether Herrington is wrong or right is irrelevant." There should be an effort to correct and enlighten people who have a faulty perception.


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A blackberry doesn't do much good if you don't know how to use it. Besides he will sell himself when he sits down and talks to the recruit face to face. All other forms of contact are just saying, hey we didn't forget about you.


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Crush the buttons with his intense texting. Thus he can never have a blackberry built for a normal man. He will have to wait for a stainless steel bb to come out


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Interesting that Goricki is Sparty friendly.  I hadn't followed him closely enough to have remembered.  If that's the case, then the choice of pictures for the article is interesting.  I thought Dantonio looked like someone peed in his gatorade. 


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Whenever I see a picture of this flaming dick from Hell I always think "what misery would've it  be to be one of his kids? 

Can you imagine what a daily shit sandwhich you'd have to eat just to live with him?  I'm guessing this little tyrant  has little tolerance for unmade beds, dinner not on the table when he gets home or any sort of messy rooms.


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By the way, I feel like some of these coaches have sour grapes because Rodriguez didn't recruit from them as frequently as they would have liked.  But when it comes down to it, Michigan is only middle-of-the-pack when it comes to football talent.  If I'm not mistaken, the plurality of NFL talent comes from the deep south - Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, etc. - and that's where Rodriguez went to get his guys.

Now rather than sending their kids to be backups at Michigan, these coaches are sending them off to be starters at places like CMU.  And I think it rubs them the wrong way that Rodriguez didn't seem to care about them.


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Although I think you're right, it sounds like RR didn't show the MI HS coaches enough love.  Maybe RR didn't feel he had enough time to play the game with the local coaches.  I know a lot of times coaches will show interest in kids, but not offer.  This tact may have helped solidify better relationships with these coaches.  If a kid has interest from MI, it can elevate his recruiting status and generate more interest from other BCS level programs.


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Yes, but when you recruit the coaches players as backups he still gets to say "My kids got scholarship offers from Michigan."  So when the occasional Braylon Edwards, LaMarr Woodley, or Brandon Graham pops up that coach likes you and helps make sure the kid ends up at Michigan.  

Personally I'm happy to see Hoke looking at Ohio and Western PA to a degree.  Those areas have a decent amount of talent and are close in terms of ease of recruiting.  


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I think there was a general excitement about the overall type of athlete that he would be able to bring to Michigan, but I don't think people expected that we would lose our in-state kids.  Obviously there are some extenuating circumstances (e.g. msu getting package deal with Gholston & his coach). 

Just my opinion, but it seems as though in-state kids were a lower priority.  It sounds like RR was getting the "low hanging fruit" - kids that grew up Michigan fans and wanted to come.  I will defer to those that follow recruiting closer than me, however. 


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Again though, it all comes back to winning.  If RR goes 11-1 the past three seasons, more kids want to come here--and when the outstanding ones from in-state get offers, the coaches wouldn't be upset.  When the bottom feeders don't get offered, the coaches are understanding.  I completely agree with the notion of the best talent being in the south.  When RR showed up, we were so excited for those Florida recruiting pipelines.  Now that he's gone, everybody keeps using the fact that he didn't recruit heavily in MI as something against him.

If HS coaches in MI produced the kind of talent that the Southern states do, I assure you there would have been no lack of love from RR.  


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Michigan HS coaches were insulted by RR concentrating on Florida.  They seemed to take RR's statements about the talent level down here, even though they were true, as a personal insult.  Saint Dantonio's rhetoric, while it seemed stupid to us, apparently resonated with the "intellect" of a lot of HS coaches in Michigan.  Many Michigan coaches are as parochial about their state as the Carr-tel is about the Michigan Coaching Tree.  The trick is to take advantage of them.

With Hoke at the helm, the same mentality that was used against RR can now be used for Hoke.  Right or wrong, it exists, and it may as well be exploited.  I hope he finds a way to concentrate on FL, GA, TX, and CA while blowing sunshine up Michigan coaches' behinds about how great the talent in Michigan is, and they never figure out that their short-sightedness and ego is being used to manipulate them.

The small minds that were easily manipulated by Saint Dantonio's rhetoric are the same small minds that remember Michigan dominating MSU for thirty of the last forty years.  The Saint opened a can of worms that is about to become a can of whoopass.  Unfortunately for him, it will be his ass that is being whooped.


King Douche Ornery

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Exactly TWO of Rodriguez's Florida recruits have made contributions.

There are a couple ways to look at it: Do you go down there and snag top notch talent--or do you get the leftovers after the Florida schools and the SEC have picked who they want?

And then in the meantime, do you lose out on players in your own backyard by spending so much time and effort on recruiting players thousands of miles away?

No RR lover here, but it seems he might have been making headway with the commitments of Crawford and Dee Hart, But it does seem like he fought a perception battle in his own back yard and that's hard to overcome.

Michigan needs to dominate in state and midwest recruiting and go from there.