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Submitted by RowoneEndzone on February 17th, 2011 at 8:56 AM

I have searched this blog and the internet for any information regarding Hoke's contract.  Does anyone know how much he is making and any other details?  I know the contract is for 6 years, but nothing else. 

While we are at it, any info on the assistants too?

I hope there are others in the same boat as me.  Help!



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If the over/under is $2.5 million, I would take the under, but not by much (around $2 million?), but with incentives for (1) getting to the B10 Championship Game, (2) winning the B10 Championship Game, (3) going to a BCS Bowl, (4) going to a NC game, and (5) winning a NC being generous, so that by winning the B10, he would get over the $2.5 million.

As to assistants, I thinkt hat Mattison easily breaks $1 million.  The remainder of the staff pay should be somewhere around where it was under RR.  Borges and Magee have about the same level of clout, and the rest of the staff is comparable, as well.


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Agreed. Mattison gets top dollar, Hoke makes less than RR in an incentive based contract that can still go pretty high.

Seems like that's the logical bargain for both of those guys. Also agreed on the other assistants.

At 1m, does Mattison become the highest paid coordinater in college ball?

Edit: Maybe, Malzahn has been guarenteed 1m.


February 17th, 2011 at 10:18 AM ^

I wouldn't toubd that Malzahn could be up for a pay raise.  But, I think that in the end, Mattison is going to be the highest paid coordinator. 

Also, while many of us (I am on the fence) don't like DB or his process, one thing that I have found is that he has been as honest as any AD - almost too honest.  He said that he had approval from his "bosses, and his bosses' bosses" to open up the vault and bring total comp to where it needs to be to compete.  Obviously, Hoke will not command top $$ - not only does his resume to date not justify it, but quite frankly, I don't see Hoke asking for it.  The guy publicly said that he would take the job regardless of pay and he lived up to his word and took it without even discussing $$.  Also, he was making under $1 million at SDSU, so even if he were to get $1.75, he would be more than doubling his prior salary and moving to a lower cost of living state.  If Hoke is in the $1.5-$2.5 range, there should be a ton of $$ left over to pay Mattison.

Wow, how did this post get so long?


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Malzahn is up for a raise, since the SEC championship, I believe; he's agreed in principle to a one million dollar salary.

Hoke stirkes me as the type of guy to have a smaller base salary in a contract loaded with big incentives. I don't think he could command what RR or the SEC coaches were making, but it seems like he'd ask for big bonuses for Big Ten championships, beating OSU, ect.


February 17th, 2011 at 12:28 PM ^

Once I thought about it I realized it would be a lightning rod, so probably a bad idea. As to it being the goal, aren't Big Ten championships the goal too?

I wouldn't have a problem with him getting a bonus for beating the majority of our three big rivals and keeping the Little Brown Jug, or something similar.

I just think Hoke needs a contract with a smaller base amount and big bonus incentives. He's still too unproven to get what RR or another big name coach gets (got), but being a coach here means he should have a shot at making big time money.


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If I remember, in one of the earliest MGoBoard posts on this topic, some poster said that Freddy J didn't count because he was old and that Montgomery didn't count because he was light skinned.  I think that the NCAA needs to pass some bylaws as to what the requirements are to be considered non-white.  Is there an age at which you simply become white?  Do you have to be darker than a certain cut-off line? 


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This is the second post I've read with the same title in the hope that the OP was actually going to tell me the details of the contract only to find it is another question.  Question marks go at the end of post titles asking a question boys and girls.