Hoke Chimes In and Would Not Have Punted

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Okay, you guys are sick of seeing MSU threads, chew on this one.

Personally, if we have the No. 1 defense in the nation I'm going to test those guys," Hoke said. "You've got to play to the strength of your football team and the strength of the Michigan football team all year long has been their defense." He said he was sure "Jimmy" went over what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it but Hoke said there are too many potential breakdowns on a punt. "No. 1, I think the one gunner to the field should have been in a little bit more and if you're going to punt it there's ways to protect it a little better," Hoke said. Hoke first credited the MSU defense for forcing fourth down and said he would have gone for it at that point, handing the ball to De'Veon Smith and "challenge your offensive line" or play-action pass to take four to five seconds off the clock.



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Am I the only one reading this as Hoke settling all questions on the play call once and for all? Clearly he's saying, "Jimmy did the right thing because its not what I would have done."


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And that late in the game we would be down by 21 points because we would have scored zero.



At the same, I don't believe for one second that Hoke was trying to provoke or was being bitter in saying this. He loves Michigan way too much. He's on the radio, it's his job to provide colorful and thoughtful analysis and strategy. Hindsight is 20-20. If you go for it, who says there's not a botched rb-handoff/center-qb-snap/interception/fumble-sack, those are all more likely (and have happened this year multiple times) than a botched-punt-snap returned for a TD. Hindsight is 20-20. Because if this punt is cleanly executed, time runs down (depending if Blake purposefully stalls or not) to just a few seconds and if the ball bounces nicely, so long as it's moving, it could take ALL the time off the clock. Time expires, and we call Blake and Harbaugh geniuses. Hindsight is 20-20. That can't be said enough.


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You do realize that he was asked directly if he would be rooting for Michigan this year. And he said that he would still be pulling for "his kids" but declined to say he would root for Michigan. Not what I would call a professing of love.

I think he loved Michigan on his terms, which seemly included that Michigan accept and be content with a far lower level of performance and expecations. Once those terms were not accepted by the faithful, then he withdrew his affections.


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is that Tater's assessment was dead on. Hoke has displayed a complete lack of loyalty to the school he professed to love. Not even being able to say he would be rooting for Michigan this year. And also taking any credit away from Harbaugh with his thinly veiled comments. And somehow your comment was offensive enough to get down voted 14 times.

Good thing Hoke was not coaching that game, if he had somehow pulled it out on the last play, he would just have issued a public apology to Dantonio for ruining his perfect season.


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I see you've got a relatively recent joined date, so let me give you some insight as to the culture of this board.  We do not toss around terms like "chatty patty" lightly.

Have some decency, man!  There are teens and pre-teens who visit this board!!

(If necessary to your point, you could simply have said Hoke is a "ch****y p****y" and we would have gotten the drift.)

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With all due respect, knowing you're a mod and all, I maintain my position.  My point being (to answer your point, borrowed from TPeezy)  I'm not judging.  I'm protecting.

What about the children, JustinGoBlue?  What about the r***********n children?


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not surprise me if there was a breakdown in communication between he and Baxter.  Punting is probably the right move.  Rugby punting into an 11 man rush with nobody returning the punt, not so much.  Harbaugh seems to be so detail oriented and the lack of attention to detail in this circumstance is peculiar.