"Hoke bringing the arrogance back to Michigan."

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Says the Minnesota Star Tribune. Link



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Word choice dude.

Arrogance is the act of exaggerating self-importance, an attitude of superiority, presumptuous claims and assumptions.  This is why people who are arrogant sound like they're talking out of a horse's ass, and everyone cheers when they get curb-stomped by Appalachian State.

Confidence is a quality or state of knowing and being certain.  

There's a difference in being sure of yourself and your superiority versus spouting off about how superior you think you are to everybody else. Is that what Hoke has been doing? I don't think so.






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Your post confuses me.

Are you saying Hoke's word choice is bad? Did we get curb stomped by App St.? (Losing was bad enough, I'd hate to learn years after the fact that we got smoked by then.) Who is the "dude?" Does he abide?

Hoke sounds arrogant when he says, "This might be arrogant, and if it is, it is..." I'm ok with arrogant as long as he wins games. I hate opposing coaches when they're arrogant because that's what I'm supposed to do as a fan.


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Arrogance is the act of exaggerating self-importance

We have a list of "national championships," most of them unrecognized by many and several coming from the first Roosevelt administration, listed in our stadium, on jackets that people buy and even imprinted on our special jerseys for the ND game.

I would say we exaggerate self-importance just a bit.


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I find myself saying again, the App State loss only mattered BECAUSE " This is michigan, dammit".

James Madison beat the wheels off Va Tech last year. Who remembers? Those teams, their fans, and me. Thats about it, because Va Tech isn't michigan.

Michigan is confident in themselves, and we feel we deserve a winning program because we have always supported our program like schools that win, do. We further feel we deserve hard earned respect from at least the other members in the B1G, if not the country, because as far as I know, there is no school out there with a winning record against us that have played at least 10 times. I could be wrong, maybe USC, we seem to keep pulling them in rose bowls. 

However, when damn near no one in the country can claim anything like success against you, well, that makes you confident you can go out and win any saturday, and most January 1sts.

And furthermore, as befits my hundredth point, I reply to the wrong post.


Feat of Clay

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I cut those poor people some slack--there is not a team in the entire state they can feel good about.  Well, maybe Bemidji kills it at volleyball, for all I know, but generally Minnesotans have been a miserable lot.  No wonder they freaked when they thought the shutdown might mean an end to alcohol sales.

Blue in Seattle

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I forgot that we go to a 13 game regular season schedule in 2012.  Absolutely no by weeks at all, brutal!

And if the Big Ten isn't adding the 9th conference game until 2017, that means 5 years of 4 cream puffs and ND.  Or in that time do we lose ND for a couple years?  Maybe we'll have more high profile games at a neutral site in the future?

f-ing arrogant


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Wow, I didn't know that. Starting next year we will have to play 15 games, 13 regular, Big Ten Championship, and a bowl

. Yet the NCAA won't go to a playoff because they say it would be to many games. How about you drop two of those games and they have a playoff.


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Either 9/15 or 9/29 will be a bye.  I don't think being Alabama allows UM to play 5 non-conference teams. 

I think the only time now that you have the opportunity to play 5 non-conference games is if one of them is an away game at Hawaii.

I'd love the 15th to be a bye so UM has 2 weeks to get ready for ND.


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My perception has always been that "arrogance" has been Michigan's reputation throughout its football history.  OSU was the uneducated blue collar steel workers, while Michigan had the fancy school with the great degrees of children of the rich automotive workers.  This "arrogance" has fueled schools such as Stanford, USC, and Notre Dame to become elite in both the academic and athletic realms.  These schools are great at both, know they're great at both, sell themselves by saying they're great at both, and Michigan should be no different. 


If you sit at recruits dinner tables talking up your school, then they see you on TV being arrogant in the same way about how great the school is, that's what you call validating the recruiting sales pitches.  You know that D'antonio and the guy formerly known as Tressel sell parents on the "worldly education," but they sure as hell wouldn't say that to the media. 

GO HOKE!!! UMich is in elite company and should be sold that way.  If you're a Mercedes salesman, you're not going to be modest and talk about how your product on par with a Kia.



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We are the best. THAT IS A FACT. Everyone else are just haters. No other university in America has a better combination of academics, athletics, and the arts.