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I will start off this post by stating that I think Brady Hoke should be let go as UM's head football coach immediately after the OSU game, even if the team wins by some miracle. Having said that, some of the people posting comments and/or topics here need to lay off putting content on here that even approaches criticism of Hoke's character or desire. Criticism of his ability to run a program of the magnitude of UM's, his ability to develop talent, ability to get the best of his players, etc. is one thing. Argument could be made that the job is too big for him, or that he has a blind spot regarding loyalty to coaches. All that is fine. He is, however, a man who bleeds maize and blue, a man who truly would have walked here from SD just to be the coach at Michigan. No one should take that lightly. Was Hoke the right man for Michigan? No, he wasn't, but that isn't any reason to denigrate his character or his desire to succeed.



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I never understand why people like insulting the coach by calling them Dick Rod or Fred Flintstone. It's Dave Brandon's fault for hiring Hoke and he's well liked so why do we have to be massive dicks about him and attack him personally.

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You say "some of the people posting comments and/or topics here need to lay off putting content on here that even approaches criticism of Hoke's character or desire". 

So only "some" people have to stop doing this? Which ones? I want to know, because I have some hot takes on Hoke's desire to win. 



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or play the specificity game when it comes to his use of "some people."  I think the OP's intent is pure and he has a point.  Folks have a difficult time metering their responses...since he's not the right coach for Michigan, he's gonna get both barrels worth of criticism to include the personal shit that three years ago were the things we loved about him.  So, yeah...wrong coach for Michigan.  Leave it at that. 


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The ones who have done so know who they are. Not trying to be any kind of morality police for anyone here. Everyone's got a right to their opinion but it doesn't mean they have to display it for the world to see like what happens on other teams fan blogs.

Hoke may deserve to be fired for the performance of the football team but he doesn't need to be treated like crap in the process.


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You are just as bad as the people you are complaining about.

How do you know that he has a desire to win?

You don't know him personally.

Maybe he thought in this dream job he could hire the best coordinators and put himself on cruise control. 

But this again is my opinion I don't know the man.

The facts are his record which overwhelming points to failure by any means.


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Lol it seems that virtually every other thread posted on this forum as of late is an "open letter to hoke" or a "I know he sucks but he loves this school and is a good guy".....I understand the fanaticism of the "harbaughfest", but regurgitating the same threads/posts for what seems like an anticipated difference in response is asinine!


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Normally, I not one to question the worthiness of threads, but do we really need a discussion topic that makes a plea to not do something most of us are not doing?  Please point me to the legions who have called Hoke's character, passion, or love for Michigan into question?  I think the majority of comments regarding Hoke have pretty much stuck to his performance of his job and why he deserves to lose it.  There's really no reason to stoke a fire that isn't burning.


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Know what's weird? I was thinking during the first quarter when I saw Hoke on the sideline yesterday "Remember Hoke?" Like it was already in the past tense. It was a strange phenomenon. Travolta-style.


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He's a decent recruiter, a terrible developer of talent, and an awful football coach. The fact that he's a nice person should be an attribute listed after all the things that matter.