Hoke's coaching philosophy.

Submitted by Dilithium Wings on January 11th, 2014 at 5:36 PM
Hoke preaches MANBALL when talking about his approach towards this team. Borges was a west coast style coach and as we all know it didn't work out well. So now we have Nuss, who wants the same physical style of play but also wants a vertical passing attack.

I've been hearing that Hoke wasn't concerned with what offense we were using as long as it was working. Clearly, Borges downhill running attack wasn't working. From what we see on the sidelines Hoke rarely puts on the headset. Because of this we all assume he is a hands off type of coach who allows his staff to run their respective sides.

If Hoke truly doesn't care what style Michigan runs then why did he allow Borges to continue to run this offense into the ground and not step up as the head coach and order Borges to change it? This team had one of the worst offenses in history. Michigan's best offense was while in the spread. So what's the deal?

Hoke made a great decision by letting Borges go and bringing in Nuss, who seems to have an aggressive approach. I guess I'm beating a dead horse here, but does this worry you about Hoke as the head coach of this program? Does this hire maybe change his approach as the head coach in managing the game?

Neg away if this is irrelevant, but I was dumbfounded when I heard Hoke will run anything as long as it works.