Hockey vs #1 ND, Basketball vs #8 OSU

Submitted by jbrandimore on February 18th, 2018 at 1:22 AM
Michigan only gets to win one. What’s your choice and why?



February 18th, 2018 at 2:36 AM ^

Don't have to pick. Michigan could lose both. Michigan could win both. Which one do I want more? Uh, hockey, because basketball is already probably in the tournament and hockey is on the bubble. But OSU didn't have to pick when it was mysteriously picking up top nationwide recruits in football and basketball for 10 years and Florida didn't have to pick when they were mysteriously landing all the top recruits at the same time and I don't have to pick now.

A more interesting (to me) question that came up this evening when I was listening to some rambling radio announcer say he was rooting for MSU because they'll get jobbed by the tournament committee (because, you know, seeding a team a bit "low" because they have a lousy schedule is worse than covering up rape) and thinking about how nice it would be for Michigan to face them in the NCAA tournament and beat them to derail a national title bid:

How big / important / pivotal would a non-football game have to be for me to prefer a win in that game to a win over OSU assuming our current streak and normal football stakes (ie not a season where both M and OSU are having losing seasons and nobody cares)?

Like, if Michigan were to play MSU in the sweet sixteen, would I trade that result for an OSU win, knowing that there's a good chance neither wins the Final Four anyway? Would I prefer Michigan beating OSU with a B1G title game berth on the line to Michigan winning a national title in basketball or hockey (keep in mind, I'm a big hockey guy)?

I... don't know.

What non-Michigan-football game is so important that you'd trade an OSU win for it? Is any?


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I'd take a loss to OSU in football every year in perpetuity if it meant we won the national title in basketball every year. Reason being, we could still win a national championship in football if we lose the osu game if the rest of the resume is good enough to make the playoff.

In fact, it'd be hilarious to win a football national championship during a year we lose to them. It'd be nice to have that game not matter as much.


February 18th, 2018 at 7:15 AM ^

A win against OSU gives us one more good win that could keep us above the dreaded 8-9 seed line.

It also makes it more likely that we are the 4 seed and get a double bye.

Hockey can split with Notre Dame, split with Wisconsin and sweep Arizona State and still have an ok chance at making the tournament.


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If you’re going to Crisler today, search out a concession stand selling the giant M shaped pretzels NOT the regular pretzels. Only certain spots sell them. They are amazingly good. I couldn’t care less that they cost $10. My daughter, a freshman at Michigan, is going to them game today. She sent me a text this morning asking which concession stand sells them. I wonder if that pretzel is her #1 reason for going to the game. lol

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The problem is I'm at Cliff Keen and I can't help get there about 11:45 or noon (park on Keech or Potter then walk around that beautiful stadium in front of you). Find your seats then seek out Al the usher in Sec 108 and tell him usher Carl said to escort you down courtside to get pictures with a player or two. Phil  at the Blavin tunnel might let your daughter high five the players as they exit at about 12:25 (assuming your daugter is under 12 and cute and in all maize). The key to all of this is get there EARLY, courtside access stops at about 12:30 and rememeber this is probably as close to a sellout that we will have this year and its a beautiful day in A2, so people might actually show up. 


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I live in NC and UofM game isn’t televised on Spectrum, there showing the Duke and Clemson game instead. Does anyone know how I can watch the game? I checked the CBS app and off course spectrum cable isn’t listed as one of the cable options.