Hockey Roster Musings, Pre-BG series

Submitted by Wolverine In Exile on March 7th, 2011 at 8:19 AM

Now that we have our matchup set for this weekend, the interesting question comes... who replaces Caparusso on the top line with Hagelin? I'm thinking it's probably slide Rust up to center Hagelin and Brown, but anyone else think an alternate would be to have Scooter slide up to LW and have Hagelin play Centre? Lines would like this:






Sitting Forwards: Caparusso (inj)

Thoughts? Is there another defenseman that could move up and play a 4th line position so Deblois sits again?



March 7th, 2011 at 8:32 AM ^

DeBlois on the third line would make me so sad.

I'm pretty sure we'll have Moffatt on the third line (unless he got hurt against Northern, which I am not aware of). Wohlberg is slated to play on the wing with Hagelin at Center and Brown on the right. I really hope Louie gets healthy soon though. 





I'm more interested to see what defensive pairings Red comes up with. I've noticed that we've seen more of Kevin Clare for Lee Moffie, but I think the team plays better with Moffie in there to propel the offense from the blue line. Obviously, Moffie has some shortcomings defensively though. 




Hunwick in goal, obviously. 


March 7th, 2011 at 1:05 PM ^

looks like it could be downright deadly.  To either team, unfortunately.  All three have shown good to great offensive potential (to this point, it's been mostly just that), but all three of them have also had games where defensively they aren't so good.  Matching up against LSSU's third line shouldn't be too much trouble for them, but that's my immediate concern with that line-up.    One change might be to switch Sparks and Glendening, or maybe even Moffatt and Glendening.  That puts a little more pop into the second line and shores up the defense of the third line some.  But it also necesiitates the changing of another line, rather than just keeping the second line intact, which could be a negative.  And I think Red really likes being able to put out the second line and feel like it can shut down anybody/everybody, which would be les true with either change.  Obviously, Red knows what he's doing, we'll see how everything ends up working out.

As for defense, I still want to see Merrill paired with Burlon, though at this point it's probably not going to happen this season.  I really like Bennet and Pateryn together.   But if you do put Burlon and Merrill together you're left with Langlais and either Clare or Moffie and I don't love either pairing, so what you have if probably what I would do.