Hockey Regional Tix On Sale, No Trouba Penalties

Submitted by Dezzy on November 5th, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Tickets for the 2013 Frozen Four West Regional are on sale to the general public this morning.  Up until the end of the year, tickets are $71.85 (fees included) for two day passes to all three games.  The regional takes place on March 29th and 30th (Friday and Saturday) at Van Andel, and will be where Michigan plays should they make the playoffs as they are the host institution.  With the NHL all but done for the season, this may be your best chance to see a lot of quality hockey for not too bad of a price.

[Edit 12:27pm; changed the ticket price as Ticketmaster threw on a hidden fee at the end of the transaction]



November 5th, 2012 at 4:16 PM ^

Unless you're buying for a big group that plans to make it an event, or are overcome with anxiety until the tickets are in hand, or are absolutely dead-set on getting the best possible seats, you would be insane to buy tickets now.

This regional will not sell out. None of the regionals sell out anymore, ever. Minnesota and North Dakota both got drawn into the St. Paul regional last year, in the same arena they had packed the week before for the Final Five, but this time with a chance to advance to the Frozen Four... And they couldn't clear 10,000 people. With Minnesota basically at home and North Dakota a big-time travelling fanbase. Pitiful.

The current regional system is broken and it is not in your interest to buy tickets for it before you know who Michigan is playing and at what time. Actually getting in the gate will be a cinch.


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but not directly related to the thread, but per Michigan Hockey's official twitter, Red spoke with the CCHA and Trouba will NOT receive additional suspensions for the hit on the NMU player on Friday.  I know there was speculation, since all the NMU posters on USCHO were saying he would/should be out for months, but there will be nothing additional for him.  Hopefully Trouba decides against future DQ's, because the next one is a minimum of 2 games...


"Berenson said that he spoke with the CCHA today and no additional suspension will be handed down to Trouba from this weekend's DQ"-

I won't start a new thread for one little piece of news, but it the OP finds it in his heart to add it to the title, I think that would be swell.