Hockey picks up HUGE 2016 goalie commitment

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Thank God.

Jack LaFontaine is a big time prospect and is thought of to be one of the first goalies taken in the 2016 NHL Draft.

Jack is 6-3, 190 from Mississauga, Ontario. He plays for the Janesville Jets of the NAHL.

Article by Peanlty Box Radio from July on Jack.

As of June, LaFontaine hadn’t officially signed with the (Kitchener) Rangers, but there is still the belief that he’ll end up with the club who drafted him. It’s also believed that LaFontaine could head the NCAA route with a few offers, but as of now, nothing has been decided just yet. LaFontaine will most likely hear his name chosen as one of the first goaltenders in the 2016 NHL Draft thanks to his raw skill alone, with many projecting him to be a potential second round pick early in the running. It’s always a gongshow when it comes to goaltenders in the draft, but from what it looks like, the brother of 2017 prospect Drake Lafontaine seems like a very solid bet to get selected early, and no matter where he plays, he should prove to be a very solid option in the crease.

Proud to announce my commitment to the University of Michigan! Thank you to friends, family and coaches for the help along the way! #GoBlue

— Jack LaFontaine (@jack_lafontaine) December 15, 2015



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In the middle of the latest hockey post. I'm fine with this being a board post too, but just in case anybody was looking for more hockey news, etc.

Wolverine Devotee

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I don't see any realistically avalable. 

Just gotta hope and pray he sticks with us. The Michigan coaching staffs (plural) should tell him the cautionary tale of Jack Campbell.

Went to the OHL, has played one NHL game where he gave up 6 goals for Dallas and hasn't been back in the NHL since. He's in Idaho right now. 


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Random Hockey Question: What would prevent an NHL team from getting a really, really big fat guy and sticking him in goal, a guy so big that as long as he stands still, scoring a goal is impossible? Like, one of those guys that never leaves his bed and hides baloney sandwiches under his man boobs and washes himself with a sponge duct-taped to a stick?


Thanks in advance...


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They've done a sports science on this actually. Even a sumo wrestler size person isn't nearly big enough to be effective. If I remember correctly you'd need someone who's like 8-900 pounds to start to make it difficult, and at that point you can't safely play or even strap on skates.


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LaFontaine is the same age, plays for the same junior team, and has the same numbers as Wisconsin's Matt Jurusik last year. Jurusik has been fine but nothing special so far for the Badgers.