Hockey-Jon Merrill Suspended 12 Games

Submitted by JimLahey on October 1st, 2011 at 3:52 PM

Suspended 12 games for violation of team rules. I won't link it because it comes from Freep, but it is definitely real.

He must have done something dumb because 12 games is a good chunk of the season. This will definitely hurt for a while. 

Edit: Here is a link from the detroit news…



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People really need to stop acting like second graders when it comes to the Free Press. You obviously still read, just post the link. You don't gain any MGoToughGuy points by refusing to post confirmation to your story until another news source reports something. Some of you are absolutely still children, it's incredible.


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What possible reason can you have for informing us you read something on but you aren't going to post a link because you don't like the Free Press other than posturing? It's like when school children pretend one of their classmates is invisible and won't acknowledge their existence until they cry. We as a fan base shouldn't be that petty.


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You are assuming he read it on the Free Press, which he tells us later he did not. Also, your analogy is incorrect. Using the child on the playground example would indicate both the Free Press and Jim Lahey are peers. The Free Press can only hope to make it to the level of credibility and honesty on which Jim Lahey constantly performs. A newspaper which intentionally acted to harm the University, and you are concerned whether bloggers on MgoBlog have issues whether posting links to their website. Relax. Also, Jim Lahey knows hockey and you probably shouldn't even need a link from him to take his word for it.


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He clearly still reads it though! That, by itself, is supporting the free press. I don't mean to call this guy out personally, but it's obnoxious that many people on here obviously regularly read the free press and comment endlessly about their articles, but make sure not to post a link or something like that because they hate them so much. It's childish.


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No, you're wrong. One of my best friends plays for the NJ Devils. He knows I'm a huge Michigan fan. He texted saying "your boy Merrill got suspended, eh, Lou won't be happy"

At which point I googled the name Jon Merrill. Freep was what came up. Knowing that people on this site like to see links so that they can see actual proof, I thought I would mention that they had the story. Shortly after, Detnews posted it as well.

And that is exactly how it went down.


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Merrill is really unhapy with Red's decision and decides to pull a Czarnik and begin his professional career a few months earlier than we thought?  That would be far worse, because those 12 games include 2 exhbitions, 2 against Bentley, games apiece against Niagara and Saint Lawrence and CCHA series with NMU, Ferris State and WMU.  Not exactly murderer's row (except for perhaps Western) and then he's back for Miami.  The team can survivie without him to that point, if they have to.  But if he decides to bail, that would not be so fun.