A history of Trey Burke

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Since we're on the brink of TB's last days in a UM uniform (barring his talk with Lewan) I thought I'd like to remind everyone of the journey. Belein took him as a lowly-rated 3* steal from PSU after his decommitment. Then, we got The Journey to Ann Arbor, where he showed his skills. Prior to this point, Michigan was sitting on a scholarship to Carlton Brundidge, a previous 5*, who was now rated as a 4*. To say the least, before these videos came out, I assumed Brundidge would be the starter. However, the videos soon surfaced:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

(you'll find the rest on the links)

And then, his freshman year:

And then the Chris Paul Camp, the LeBron James Camp, etc. We knew he was poised for a great return, and boy was he ever. Gentlemen, I present The History of Trey Burke, perhaps the greatest Wolverine PG ever. I hope this little jaunt through history will remind us all of how blessed we are to have gotten this kid.




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I'm going to miss him as our PG.  Hopefully he has a long, successful career in the NBA.  It was an absolute pleasure to be able to watch him in a Michigan uniform.


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If players were allowed to take money, some boosters could easily chip in $30,000 on a $5 million insurance policy in case of injury, and some others could find a way to make sure he had enough "pocket money" to make it worth his while to stay.

Better yet, if the NCAA got rid of even more of their stupid rules, Burke could be insured for more than $5 million.  


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We have at the least 2 more games with Burke running the show.. I am gonna really enjoy both tourny.s and hope we end up winning them both.. This yrs team has been a pleasure to watch. GO BLUE


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I would like to see some of these teams in our bracket: Gonzaga, Kansas, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Missouri. I think those teams will get upset in the first round or two.


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....and you don't really want to spend all that much time creating tabs to YouTube, here are the other episodes of "Trey Burke: Journey To Ann Arbor" that I could find:

Episode 3

Episode 4:

 Episode 5, Part I:

Episode 5, Part II:


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When Burke posted these videos before he started playing for Michigan, I posted that he would be one of UM's great PGs.  The effort, determination, poise, focus, and leadership shown in these videos is amazing.  And still, he both did better than even I expected and did it even sooner than I thought possible.  POY in his sophomore season, and (imo) best PG in UM history.