History buffs: Storming the court against us

Submitted by jonny_GoBlue on December 3rd, 2012 at 9:40 AM

I realized at one point during the game against Bradley this weekend that if we were to somehow lose that game then the fans would rush the court and that that would have been weird for me to see... an opponent viewing a win against us as a big enough deal that rushing the court after a victory would seem appropriate.

So my question to the MGoCommunity is this:

When was the last time someone stormed the court after beating Michigan?



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"...when izzo left his starters in with a 40- or 50-point lead and three minutes left so cleaves could break the assist record.

what a douche."

Given our overall history together in football and theirs in basketball, I can't bring myself to say Hoke would sit Denard if he was, say, 35 yards shy of breaking the all-time QB rushing record if Michigan is up 40 in the Outback bowl.  


EDIT: sorry about the quote, I thought I was the 3rd or 4th comment for some reason. 


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Weren't Jack Kennedy and the backup OL in the game when that happened?

I cannot see Hoke leaving Denard in well after a game is decided just to set a record.  That's just not Hoke's mentality. The attitude at this school has always been to focus on the team and let the individual accomplishments take care of themselves.  I think he'd be much more interested in making sure as many guys got into the game as possible. 


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Given our overall history together in football and theirs in basketball, I can't bring myself to say Hoke would sit Denard if he was, say, 35 yards shy of breaking the all-time QB rushing record if Michigan is up 40 in the Outback bowl.

I don't understand what you're trying to say about the "overall history" here. Are you seriously comparing MSU basketball (which has done very well over the past decade but historically was nothing special) to Michigan football? And the idea of Hoke playing Denard with a 40-point lead is impossible for me to believe. Just because Izzo will pull garbage like that doesn't mean Hoke will. Hoke's not going to try to embarrass his opponent. Izzo will.

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are you talking about the alley-oop where DeShawn got grabbed?  Because that was in Ann Arbor.  Chrisler was always crappy, but hopefully not so much so that our court was being stormed by the visiting fans.

We got our butts kicked on the road that year, and it did clinch state a share of the title, and for all I remember there may have been some type of flagrant no-call at the end of that game but I doubt it had much to do with the outcome.  I don't recall them rushing the court.



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It's Crisler.  Not sure why it's so difficult for our own fans to spell it.

Anyway, MSU fans haven't taken Crisler over in about a decade.  During the Amaker years we made it very difficult for people not affiliated with the university to buy tickets for that game and now, with demand higher, it's a non-issue.


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ESPNU ran footage of a tepid Bradley storm-the-court against us in the mid-90's (1997, maybe?) during the Saturday telecast.  I classify it as 'tepid' because the fans looked apologetic for settting foot on the court.  It's like they were tip-toeing instead of all "ARRGGHHHH I'M A RABID FAN...GTFO MY COURT".   Maybe it turned into a mob scene after the initial burst shown on ESPNU, or maybe Bradley fans are a completely nice and respectful lot.  


EDIT:   Others have posted MSU.   If so, that's embarrassing for MSU fans.   They had no reason to storm any court against us from 1998 onwards.

Naked Bootlegger

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Storming the field OK if:

(1)   Milestone victory (900 win over MSU counts, I guess)

(2)   Epic upset

(3)   "Monkey-off-the-back" victory (i.e. haven't beaten main nemesis in many years, even if favored to win the game in the current field storming year...this loophole covers MSU football game this year, plus point #1 above).

(4)  National championship implications.  

I'm not a big fan of storming the field.   Get off my lawn and such. 






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Ohio did this year when they capped their 12-0 season. Very similar to our storming vs MSU though. Party atmosphere, 900th win, not necessarily because they/we were such a good team but we did vs a 6-6 team and Ohio did vs us two weeks ago. 


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Thanks for reminding me of that 2000 game. Sparty is up by 50 and they're still shooting 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 every time they had the ball. Then 2 years ago, Izzo complains that we were classless for scoring In the "get the fuck off my court," game.

As for the storming the court question, I'm sure it was several years ago when Oakland beat us 97-90 in the season opener. I forget the exact year but we were horrible.

During the Ellerbe years when Michigan basketball was too painful to watch, I watched plenty of other teams and I noticed that storming the court for fans was very common, even if the opponent wasn't very good. It's also very easy. It doesn't have the same look for storming the field in football.


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FIU did in 1998.  I was at that game, and while I was pissed off that Michigan lost, I had to admit that they had a lot of reason to be that happy.  I was OK with it afterwards, because it was a milestone for their program.  

In a way, I wouldn't mind if every team that ever beat Michigan stormed the floor, becuase it would mean that Michigan is a great program and that beating them is a rarity.  I could handle that.


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We were #20 at the time, and Arkansas fans had reason to be elated after an emotional roller coaster.

After taking a 20 point lead at one point, Michigan chipped away and got within 2 with the ball at the end only to have Burke rim out a 3.

I wouldn't have been surprised if they rushed there but I was off kicking the cat so I didn't see.