Hilarious Notre Dame Statistic and Other Interesting Stats

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Notre Dame had a net total of 3 punt return yards this season. That's not in 1 game, that's for the whole season. Granted, they only had 10 punt returns, but that's still only 0.3 yards per punt return. Theo Riddick has 2 returns for -2 yards and John Goodman had 8 returns for 5 yards. The funny thing is that Goodman's long on the year was 13 yards so that means that he average a little more than -1.0 yards per return on his other 7 returns. I find the 3 PR yards to be equally impressive, horrifying, and hilarious, similar to my view of ND's football team.


Other Interesting Stats From This Season

I miss 2006:

Baylor scored 66 on Texas Tech on Saturday, becoming the 33rd team to reach the 60-point plateau this season. That's the second-highest total in the past 10 seasons; there were 38 such occurrences last season. The fewest 60-point games in the past 10 seasons? There were just 15 in 2006. That's the only time in that span that there were fewer than 20 instances.

Confirming that the Big 12 hates playing defense:

And, not surprisingly, the Big 12 has four of the top 10 in total offense (Baylor is second, Oklahoma State third, Oklahoma fourth, and Texas A&M seventh). The highest-ranked Big 12 team in total defense is Texas at ninth, but that's the only league team in the top 50.

The SEC sure is great:

The highest-ranked SEC team in total offense is Arkansas at 28th, and eight of the league's teams rank 75th or worse, including five that are 101st or worse.

If you play against teams with horrible offense, your numbers are going to look great (Admittedly, this could work the other way):

the SEC has five of the nation's top 10 teams when it comes to total defense (Alabama is first, LSU second, South Carolina fourth, Georgia fifth, and Florida 10th).

The Big Ten likes running and hates to pass:

There are six leagues with at least 12 members, and the Big Ten - by far - has the most rushing TDs among those half-dozen conferences with 273. The SEC is second with 237, while Conference USA is last in that group with 217. Of the six leagues with at least 12 members, the Pac-12 has the most TD passes with 308. Second is the MAC with 274, while the Big Ten is last with 204.

Link: http://collegefootball.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1300595



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Everybody is horrible. Highly rated defense is actually terrible offense and highly rated offense is proof of bad defense. The only teams that are good are the ones that existed in what I imagine 1960 was like.


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First, Baylor hangs 66 on the team that fired him, then he gets a new coaching job.  It's almost like "The Pirate" just got to watch half of the TTU administration walk the plank.  


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ND fumbled a couple returns early, it seemed like they scrapped the idea of returning a punt all together and just focused on securing the ball.

I remember even seeing Floyd catching punts.  Theo Riddick had the skills to be a dangerous returner, but after he dropped a few early on I think it was almost like he got the yipps (for you golfers out there).


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I think what's even more hilarious is what ND did with turnovers this year.  They turned it over at the absolute worst of times in almost every important game they played.  I loved that.


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Is a big east school. Even if they don't admit it. When you play in a conference in every other sport, you are in that conference. 
Thank god we didn't lose to a Big East School this year. Though they are 20-6 in bowl games since 2006. 


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This is a head scratcher for me.  Some of my associates say that a return game is over rated and doesn't get you anywhere but fumbles.  I'm thinking perhaps break a tackle or 2 and get some field position, maybe even a TD?  I was happy with the Kelly hire but some of his stupidness is really frightening to me and is wearing on me.

Picktown GoBlue

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He's got his spelling- and grammar- challenged season summary center-justified for your fine viewing here.  Highlights:

We gave away a few games...
We showed up and played really good halves in certain games...
 But at the end of the day...I didn't see a game we "couldn't" have won!


RJ had a solid season and will get drafted....Gary 
Gray is another story...he had great moments and he had 
games like the UM game...hard to watch!..
He'll have his shot in the legue...


I will give him credit for this line after the B Kelly finest blowup picture:

Last thing we want is for you to pull an URBAN and have
 a heart attack!

Back on Nov. 25, he thanks Urban for not coming to ND...


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"Last thing we want is for you to pull an URBAN and have a heart attack"- Damefan, justification corrected for sanity

...but he'll take a coach who turns colors and goes apopleptic at the drop of a hat? At least the heart attack will garner sympathy and wishes of a speedy recovery. Brian Kelly makes people wonder about the state of research on mood stabilizers.