Highlight Tape For Michigan WBB Recruit

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Since it's a relatively slow day, I thought I'd share a highlight tape from one of our incoming freshmen for the Lady Wolverines.  Also since my alma mater, ULS is not well known for producing Division 1 talent, much less Wolverines, I am enjoying this rare opportunity.  

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AFAIK, we had three at my HS, all graduating in 2007 or 2008. One was supposed to be tearing up Conference USA as a tailback, but never saw the field and dropped out after having a kid. One starts on Northern Iowa's basketball team, and the other left Wisconsin to follow his coach when he took over Nike's big time track club and is now running professionally.

I see all these schools with multiple kids going D1 and I don't even know what that would be like. I assume it's pretty cool while you're still there.


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Same here.  I think my HS produced something like 2 D1 prospects in its history, on a TE for UM (Mark Campbell) and the other a decent soccer player who played for Texas (and who was actually a very good XC runner who finished top-5 in the state overall the one year she ran).  But yeah, to think that there are HS in Florida that produce 5-6 BCS prospects a year seems insane to me.


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One from my high school. My school has only about 100 or so students in 9-12 combined. +/- 15 depending on the year. We had a really good basketball player in the late 90s that went on to play at West Virginia. I think he missed JB by one or two years. Not sure. He was phenomenal for the size of our school and division. Too bad our coach knew jack shit or we might have gone further in states. Guy had a couple tryouts with NBA teams, but didn't make any of them. He played in semi-pro leagues across the MW. He should have gone overseas for a few years as he was good enough.

Guy was pretty chill and didn't think of himself as hot shit either. I got to know him when I was in high school and he was out of college.


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we have had a few, Matt Christopher being the best went to OSU before concussions ended his career. But 2002 my school Uniontown Lake Blue Steaks from Ohio pulled off the rare triple threat An alum at OSU Steve Graef, MT. Union QB Jessie Burkhart, and OL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dan Goodspeed. So thats right an NCCA, DIV 3 and NFL Championship all from a small division 2 Stark County, Ohio football team. I am sure it has happened before but I thought it was pretty freaking cool. Minus the whole Ohio State part but he was and still is a close friend so good for him.


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My school this year, has one kid going to WVU another to Wisconsin, another to BC, 2 are going to Delaware St for football. Last year we had 2 kids go to Rutgers but one had offers from everywhere and another went to South Carolina all for football. Recently we've had a good amount of kids going D1. We also had a hockey player that moved to Ann Arbor, went to ND and plays for Anaheim.

Blue Blue Blue

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I am in Westchester County, NY and we have a female player named Saniya Chong who is ridiculously good and a high honor student.  UConn has coaches at many of her games and pracitces.  She is a 5' 9" guard who does everthing....handle the ball, hit 3s, lead the Section in assists and steals....she has gone over 50 points a few times, and she is an unselfish player......and she is a High Honor student.


I tried to call the WBB team, as once before I was able to tell them about a player now leading Davidson into the NCAAs......but this girl Chong is the best player we have seen around here in a long time and it would kill me not to have Michigan take a look at a stud who cares about academics.


Have called WBB, sent emails, gotten no response.  Any thoughts?


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is looking at her, we either already know about her, or have no shot because UConn is looking at her. But I bet either way thet have at least knowledge of her, maybe even been in contact with her. With all the NCAA rules on recruiting they either haven't called back cause they may think your like Cam Newtons dad and wanting money, or just don.t wanna break any rules.


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There's really nothing else you can do other than contact the team to make them aware of a certain player (and doing, for those wondering, is not an NCAA violation). I'm almost certain it would be a violation of NCAA rules for them to give you any sort of response regarding her.

Regarding Chong in particular, the Michigan coaches were likely already aware of her and probably have made her a scholarship offer. But it appears that nearly every Div. 1 team in the country has probably also offered her, and Michigan's chances of landing her are slim at best. She's most likely to end up at one of the top schools in the Big East or ACC.