high ticket prices this weekend = more Michigan fans?

Submitted by karpodiem on October 3rd, 2010 at 9:20 PM

can't help but think we're going to price some sparties out of this one. 

sure, we have our walmart wolverine foot soldiers (yes, they do exist. walk outside of the student section. they are hilarious to watch when they get into it with opposing fans.) making a decent buck flipping them, but I like the matchup between Michigan grad vs. a state grad in open market pricing.

I'm guessing 80/20 divide.



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I don't think anyone should be presuming one set of graduates are hurting less financially and use that as a means to limit MSU fans at a game.  How about UM just pack the biggest stadium in the country with all of its fans at whatever price.  This is a huge rivalry game in the state, a chance for UM to become bowl eligible, and potential payback for the past two years - I expect that stadium to be packed with Maize & Blue faithful, and I would like to think that higher ticket prices would be irrelevant.

A Sexy Otter

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Not all Michigan fans went/go to Michigan. This post reeks with pretentiousness.


"I do say, I rather think that those pea-sized commoners shalln't be able to produce the necessary shillings to attend the venue for this upcoming sporting event"  In Seinfeld's belly button voice




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School                                 Starting Salary            Average Graduate

University of Michigan         $50,600                       $90,200

Michigan State University    $44,200                       $81,000





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Well the average MSU grad is obviously a bumbling idiot who can't get a job to afford a football ticket or two. So, I guess they'll just cut back on buying nascar gear, cheap beer, and generic brand cigarettes so they can afford to go to the game. Bbbbuuttt they'll probably get picked up on domestic abuse for beating their wife, their seat will go empty, and a Michigan will fill it. The circle of life.


/s (do I really need that?)


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But like a lot of U-M alums, I no longer live in the state of Michigan.  I don't see how the fact that I exercise by doing laps in a swimming pool full of gold coins is going to help fill the Big House with Wolverine supporters.


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The organized scalper's will ask premium prices for this weeks game as two ranked instate rivals square off for bragging rights.  People will pay the premium to see Denard,  he is the collegiate Tiger, Michael, or Lebron they want to see him look no further than Indiana.  

My annual road game just got a bit more expensive, it;s worth every penny I love the excitement surrounding our program.  I suspect the Denard effect will have a positive influence on recruiting, high school kids will want to be a part of this.


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Kind of makes me glad I bought my ticket about a month ago from MGoblue when they had some single tickets available.  Not the best spot in the Stadium but hey, I'm going.  So nyah.

And now that I'm going I'm hoping that I will see the Predator slash through the Spartan defense and uncloak in the endzone.


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...embarrassed, we all should be embarrassed. 

Out, damn'd thread! out, I say!—One; two: why, then
'tis time to do't.—MGoBoard is murky.—Fie, my lord, fie, an MGoUser, and
afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our
pow'r to accompt?—Yet who would have thought the OP to
have had so little sense in him?


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The OP of this post is a gigantic douchebag for posting this.  People with your mentality highlight what is wrong with our fanbase and our alumni.

As for your "Walmart Wolverines" comment--I'm assuming you have superpowers that allow you to guess whether someone is or is not an alum or family member of an alum, just by looking at them.

I bet you anything that OP is some college kid who thinks they'll have the world begging for him upon graduation, just because of their UM degree.  If so, your attitude will hit a hard reality soon enough.

-2005 Michigan alum


October 3rd, 2010 at 11:44 PM ^

"People with your mentality highlight what is wrong with our fanbase and our alumni."

Thanks, good to know we have people here that establish standards on such issues. 

Anyways, I'm glad the board chimed in; this is a perfect example of intellectual cowardice. Intellectuals love to crawl back to 'well, at the margin, your statement is neither verifiable or a testable hypothesis, so it's hard to extrapolate a claim ..." A signification portion of US economists prior to the 2008 financial correction marveled at how our beautiful modeled financial system had allocated risk efficiently, and that growth would continue in perpetuity, with a few bumps (minor recessions) mixed in. Didn't quite work out that way, and the economic implications of being thoroughly incorrect in this instance were vast. Deviation from the groupthink norm was seen as radical and dangerous, which is why the pervasiveness of the groupthink managed to influence the behavior and perception of an entire group of professionals. The results are self evident.

My original statement is either true or false, despite the meandering at the margin that this board loves to push. I stand by true.


October 4th, 2010 at 12:24 AM ^

Some things, while they may be true, do not need to be stated in a public forum, especially when they are only posted in order to take a jab at an entire group of people.

It's like 3rd grade girls mocking the one who doesn't have name brand clothes because it means she's poor. Regardless of whether it's true, it just doesn't need to be said.

Blathering on using words like "groupthink" and "testable hypothesis" doesn't help your case either.


October 4th, 2010 at 12:20 PM ^

Dude, you're an idiot.  You're just trying to sound smart.  Equating your douchey comment to....the failure of economists and financial experts to predict the Great Recession?  Huh?

I bet you think your writing is highly intelligent.  It's ridiculously clear that you are just using big words and fancy sentence structure to say something really simple.  I bet you wrote that paragraph, re-read it a million times and thought, "wow, I am really smart; my douchey comments are completely legit." 


October 3rd, 2010 at 10:09 PM ^

a ticket next Saturday, who would not even consider buying a ticket because he has a child he hopes to get through the UM herself one day, I may be speaking for lots of people--Mgrads and no--when I say: bite me. 


October 3rd, 2010 at 10:16 PM ^

We have the type of student body that is willing to sell their ticket if they can make a good buck. I think a lot of the people I know are trying to sell their ticket. Every soul has a price. A couple of my housemates sold their tickets already. One of my housemates sold his ticket for $200, and I think another sold his for $150. I'm pretty disappointed in them. High ticket prices mean poor college students looking to make a quick buck.

Looking at Facebook Marketplace, it looks like a lot of tickets are available. This does not bode well.

We can make money jokes or whatever, but the backbone of the Michigan support has and always will be the students. When a large number of students are selling their tickets, it lowers the intensity level of the Big House. Regardless of how many students are not going, I think we will see a new attendance record at the Big House on Saturday.

Zvornik Bosna

October 3rd, 2010 at 10:20 PM ^

To the OP, the starting of this thread, like many have stated, wasn't needed at all. That said, I hope that the stadium doesn't look like it did two years ago with nearly half of it showing up as green on TV. 


GO BLUE! (or maize!)


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Since I didn't graduate from UM, does that make me a Walmart Wolverine, even though I went to a small, private college?  I have season tickets and donate money annually to UM, does that make me a Walmart Wolverine?  I have a good job, and make more than those averages listed above, but am I still a Walmart Wolverine?  I received acceptance to UM, without being put on a waiting list as an 18 year old white male, that surely makes me a Walmart Wolverine, right?  Just curious to your definition of a Walmart Wolverine.


October 4th, 2010 at 12:15 AM ^

You made yourself sound like just as much of a douche as the OP!

Fanhood doesn't have to be proven to anyone and isn't won or lost or earned based on diplomas, or if you stayed to the end of the Northwestern monsoon game in 08, or if you remember Desmond getting interfered with in the endzone against MSU. 

Either you care inside to the point where you'll either be in a surly mood the next 24 hours or unreasonably happy to do chores around the house all day Sunday, based on whether Denard leads a game-winning drive...or you don't really.  The rest of fandom is window-dressing.


October 4th, 2010 at 12:22 AM ^

Price is determined more by demand than ability to pay. This is AMERICA buddy! Land of ill-advised debt financing!

Not to mention there are plenty of wealthy Sparty fans anyway

Also Sparties want to be at this game more, because they are the obsessed ex-girlfriends and expect a win. There will be many die-hard Blue fans, myself included. But the OSU game last year demonstrated the number of greedy bastards willing to sell off their tickets to the Enemy if they can catch a pretty premium. The price is being driven up by Sparty demand, and unscrupulous M ticket holders selling to make a quick buck. Sickening.