high ticket prices this weekend = more Michigan fans?

Submitted by karpodiem on October 3rd, 2010 at 9:20 PM

can't help but think we're going to price some sparties out of this one. 

sure, we have our walmart wolverine foot soldiers (yes, they do exist. walk outside of the student section. they are hilarious to watch when they get into it with opposing fans.) making a decent buck flipping them, but I like the matchup between Michigan grad vs. a state grad in open market pricing.

I'm guessing 80/20 divide.



October 4th, 2010 at 8:00 AM ^

I think I have seen this phenomenon enough. When Michigan is playing good football, in spite of high prices people are willing to come to the game. I mean come on. . what better than watching an exciting game live. But there mght be an impact in the Student Section but not as much. Mostly students end up selling to other students who did not buy season tix and are just interested in 1-2 games per year. 


But overall it should not be like the UM-OSU game last year or the UM-MSU game the year before where O-H-I-O and GO-GREEN GO-WHITE chants were legit.


October 4th, 2010 at 8:20 AM ^

Blue paint.

If Spartans want to come in, that's fine. But anyone wearing green should get covered in navy blue paint upon entry.

I'm srsly on this. We should have a tradition (only for rivals) of dumping blue paint on rival fans who enter the stadium. This would dissuade such people from attending, or wearing their colors. It could be student-led and awesome and become a tradition.

I'm telling you people: Michigan State and Ohio State, only on those game days, let's pour blue paint on anyone who enters wearing their colors or gear. It should be known that this will happen. It will be grand!


  • During home games against Michigan State or Ohio State, people wearing the team gear or colors of Michigan's opponent get covered in blue paint upon entry to the stadium
  • The blue paint will be water-based, so they can get it out of their hair, if not the clothes
  • This is NOT done to anyone else. Not ND, not other Big Ten games, etc.
  • After someone has had blue paint poured on them, it is the job of every U-M affiliate to be kind and welcoming to those people. They may be away fans, but they just came to support their team AND got covered in blue paint, so let that be an end to it.
  • If someone tries to be clever and wear multiple layers of rival colors, or pull off a sweatshirt once inside the stadium or something, do not pour blue paint inside the stadium -- notify your fellow students and when that person leaves his/her seat, blue paint them again.
  • No, I don't think this would work, and am not going to argue for it. However, I would totally be down for a toothless threat circulating around the Internet to this regard for MSU, or next year's OSU game.


October 5th, 2010 at 6:40 PM ^

Who wants Ohio State or Michigan State fans as part of the Maize-Out?

I get the TV thing, but my imagination is of people yelling "Go Blue" before literally making our opponents go blue.


October 7th, 2010 at 5:47 PM ^

Extended thought: what if people who don't want to get blue paint get maize ponchos which they have to wear. If they come off....

[snaps fingers]

Blue paint.