High School Football - our recruits. Who you seeing this week

Submitted by Champeen on August 28th, 2014 at 9:43 AM

Ill be going to Saginaw Arthur Hill vs. Saginaw Heritage tonight at 7pm. Will not be able to take video because i will have my 3 kids with me (5, 5, 3) but i will report back on Cole.  Hopefully i can get a few pics in at least.




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but can't seem to find the best source for the guys we're recruiting and where they're from.  I live near St Louis and there's been a few guys we've recruited from East St Louis, Edwardsville, O'Fallon, Belleville areas.  I'd love to go and see some games if I knew if there's anyone we're looking at.  Any ideas?   Keep in mind, I can't access Magnus' site from behind my work's firewall...

turd ferguson

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There's a sophomore WR in East St. Louis named Jeff Thomas who already has a Michigan offer.  He seems like he'll be a big-time prospect, with offers already from Michigan, OSU, Florida State, Texas A&M, MSU, etc.  He's one of the only offers we have out to kids in the 2017 class.  247 has him as the #20 prospect in his class in their way-too-early rankings.


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Chesson was from Ladue other than that I can't remember too many recruits from around here but I guess that's because I'm from Ann Arbor originally.

I wonder what the impact of a bunch of people showing up to HS games in Michigan gear would be?  I think I'd feel creepy personally.

Steve Lorenz

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A couple besides Jeff Thomas...

Edwardsville has 2017 DE stud AJ Epenesa, who performed better at the Chicago NFTC this summer than Jashon Cornell did (beat him for DL MVP). He will have a Michigan offer in the near future. 

O'Fallon has 2016 RB Kentrail Moran, who holds a Michigan offer and has the Wolverines on top as well. 


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I'll be in the box calling the offense this year for my alma mater. So i'll let you know if we play anyone offered or worth offering. 

This week: Nobody.


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I'm officiating a JV game tonight between Hart High School in Newhall, CA (school where Brady White plays) and somebody else.  Might be some D1 guys not on varsity yet I can scout.  Though as a new official I'll probably just be concentrating on my job.

Space Coyote

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We appreciate it. Both in officiating (you're all bastards, but you're also bastards doing a job that I would never want any part in having to do, that is almost completely thankless, yet is a major reason we can coach/play football) and for actually concentrating on your job (which I question from some).

Now, my regards as JV parents blast into you for missing a "holding" or "charge" or a "high stick" that should result in a "penalty kick" that happens to go against their child.


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I'll be at the Prep Kickoff Classic on Friday shooting photos of Orchard Lake St. Mary's vs Southfield and Detroit Cass Tech vs Oak Park.

So I'll be seeing Mike Weber, Michael Onwenu, Lavert Hill, Demetric Vance, Ostell Martin, Matt Falcon, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Donovan Johnson, and Josh Ross, among others.

The games are at Wayne State's stadium.


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Nice.  I am really curious to see the year Weber will have. I honestly think he will be the player of the year in the state of Michigan, over Cole.

Cole just simply plays too much.  He plays both sides and his team is not the greatest, so he simply becomes exhausted. 

Weber not only is a stud in all facets, but plays just offense unlike Cole playing all 22 positions at the same time.

Look forward to your report on Weber.


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Yeah, I was really impressed with Weber at the Kickoff Classic last year against Southfield. He's tough and fast. With apologies if this is not allowed, but here are photos from that game last year: http://jaspersailfin.zenfolio.com/p71556617

I'm especially excited to see some of the younger kids I haven't seen yet, like Falcon, Peoples-Jones, and Hill. Also curious to see Daelin Hayes.