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Submitted by pullin4blue on November 13th, 2009 at 10:39 AM
I was listening to the radio this morning and a caller was complaining that Michigan Football has limited access to the program by Michigan High School coaches. Sam took umbridge with the caller and stated that the coaches only need to contact the University and they can have access to most every practice held as well as bringing prospective recruits to games. The University of Michigan has gone to High School coaches conferences and provided food, drinks, etc. to keep in the "good graces" of the coaches.
I have a question regarding coaches and recruiting and I am posting here because I don't know the answer. At any time can a coach be considered a booster?
I think back to Michigan's past experiences with Ed Martin. He was given court-side seating, special access, and he delivered players to Michigan. How is a coach any different?
If the University is providing food and drinks and access to the coaches, what's next, box seats? Season tickets? I don't know, but to me it seems like a slippery slope. We have to be very careful of what we do as boosters and fans not to have a violation in recruiting an athlete. Does the University have a similar standard or does it not matter as long as they are not recruiting a specific athlete?
Many athletes look to their coaches for advice on schools and I believe having a good relationship with coaches is important, but how does the University keep the coaches in check? Thanks for any response.



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It is ok per NCAA rules to be a booster. Everyone knew Ed Martin had relationships with high school players and that he got a lot of access to the Michigan program and free tickets and stuff. It became a violation when said booster gave money to the recruits. So, we can wine and dine some coaches and give them access as long as the "influence" that coach uses is of the oral variety. I have no actual knowledge of the NCAA rules though.


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is whether or not RR and staff have been insufficiently friendly to Michigan high school coaches. This allegation has popped up before, but every comment I have read yet from a high school coach (not necessarily a Michigan HS coach) praises RR and staff for the way they relate to HS coaches. From everything I have seen of RR's other-than-game-day personality, he's the personification of affable approachability, and I have a hard time believing he's intentionally giving the cold shoulder to HS coaches in Michigan. The fact that these allegations have, in every case I have heard, been coupled with "Mark Dantonio loves him some Michigan HS coaches" makes me a bit suspicious, to be honest. Are there any HS coaches in Michigan out there in MGoBlogland who can detail instances in which RR's dealings with Michigan HS programs are negative in some way? If there is substance to these allegations, then RR is shooting himself in the foot. If it's BS, I'd like to put the rumors to rest.


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on the afternoon show on WTKA yesterday that the coaching staff has kicked some coaches out of practice and "escorted them off the field". Now that was one of the "beatnicks" guys (Don maybe)and he seems to have an axe to grind. He did say that RR is not reaching out to the local high schoolcoaches and compared it to Dantonio "welcoming them with open arms".

This was the first time I have ever heard this kind of thing.


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Rich and company have been exceptionally welcoming to high school coaches wherever they are recruiting. Go back over the recruiting notes on many of the kids (including those committed elsewhere) and you'll see a lot of glowing comments about Rich and his staff. I met these guys this summer at the younger players' camp and was astounded at their warmth, welcome and generosity. There were a LOT of coaches around that week and the entire staff was very outgoing throughout the entire session. They did the coaching for all the kids in all the drills (these kids were 12-15 years old, not prospects!).

We should get off the "Rich doesn't like the local guys and they don't like him" parade -- one can always find an exception, but it doesn't change the rule. The exception might be a special brand of high school tool, not unheard of among high school coaches, right?