High chance of rain on Saturday

Submitted by karpodiem on November 19th, 2018 at 7:25 AM

Increasingly looking like it will be raining during the game this Saturday. Of course every day leading up to the game there will be clear skies. Yes, both teams play in the rain. I prefer watching high stakes games in non-inclement weather.



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My work relies on the weather. Your assertion is absolutely incorrect when you get to the local level.

Ill give you Friday for an example. The Detroit channels told me there were only a few scattered light flurries forecast that morning. My weather apps told me the highest possibility of snow flurries was 7%. What we got was a snow squall lasting for 90 minutes and dropping an inch of snow. And that was within two hours of watching the forecasts and minutes of checking the apps.

The models and forecasting are very imprecise even now when it comes to local weather. Regional weather forecasting and determining trends are better.


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Yeah, I mean the weather on the day of the MSU game was all over the weather map. I mean sunny, partly cloudy, followed by lightning and heavy rain, followed by hail, followed by sunny skies, followed by cloudy conditions and the threat of more rain. Now, that was a Great Lakes day of weather and fulfilled the old Michigan saw, if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes and you will be amply rewarded, because it is dead certain to change.


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As a golfer who watches the weather a lot, the weather people can hardly tell you what's going to happen tomorrow let alone Saturday at game time

Start worrying about it if by Thursday they're still saying its going to rain


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I wouldn't over think it yet. I know it's like this everywhere but I swear in Columbus we've had the most jacked up forecasts this fall as I can ever remember. As of yesterday weather.com had 80% of showers and now that is down to 50% with "scattered showers in the am".

Accuweather moved from a 65% chance of rain to 25% with "few possible scattered rain". It's going to change a million times. On Saturday both sites had over 85% chance of rain. 

And if you are wondering the reason I'm so obsessed with the weather it's because I'd like to have one more "hang outside all day by a huge bonfire with college football on" Saturdays :)


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We use running as the core of our offense. OSU hasn't been able to run the ball all year. Our QB is the more mobile one for the first time in forever. We want rain...

Perkis-Size Me

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While playing in the rain doesn't make running an offense easier for either team, I'd suspect that playing in the rain hurts OSU more than it does Michigan. 

Michigan is going to try and establish the run game as it has all year, which has gotten better and better as the weeks have gone on, and its exactly what you want to be able to fall back on if inclement weather comes your way. OSU is much more of an Air Raid team this year than what its been previously under Meyer. Their strength is in the passing game, which is much more hindered in rain than the run game. Their run game, while not bad, is not what it's been over the past few years. Their OL is not what its been, either. 

If I'm Harbaugh this week, I'm emphasizing the hell out of ball security. If Michigan wants to find a surefire way to lose this game, its turnovers. Look no further than last year's MSU game. When the rain comes, trust your OL and your run game. OSU's defense has been bad for most of the year, and you should at least be able to get chunks here and there. 

Let OSU be the one to make mistakes. Haskins has shown he can commit costly turnovers. 



November 19th, 2018 at 8:30 AM ^

Rain is absolutely good for us.  A.) OSU can't stop the run.  B.) OSU has found success by throwing those 5 yard comeback and out routes, which will become much more difficult if everything is slippery.

Of course, if it's raining I bet we see a lot more Tate Martell.


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NOAA forecast for Saturday:

  • @tailgate = 75% chance of rain, 42 degrees, wind 6-11 mph
  • @kick-off = 65% chance of rain, 50 degrees, wind 6-11 mph
  • @game-end = 40% chance of rain, 48 degrees, wind 4-9 mph



November 19th, 2018 at 8:47 AM ^

The temp is going to be around 50 with light winds. Unless the rain is heavy it will not affect the game one way or the other...the field should be in decent condition-no precipitation in the days ahead. Otherwise, the weather is not an advantage nor a disadvantage to either team-both have excellent passing and running options. Just execute and make the plays.