Higdon Playing in the Senior Bowl When He Didn't Play in the Peach Bowl?

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Karan Higdon admitted today that Harbaugh was pissed he didn't play in the Peach Bowl. And while I fully support any player's right to look out for his future, how can Higdon justify playing in the Senior Bowl when he didn't play in the Peach Bowl? (He's the only Michigan player in the Senior Bowl, by the way.)

The "I didn't want to get hurt before the draft" excuse is clearly not true, because he could get hurt in the Senior Bowl just as easily as he could have in the Peach Bowl. Did he sit out the Peach Bowl because he thought he had proven all he needed to in college? If so, why is he playing in the Senior Bowl?

I haven't scoured the Senior Bowl rosters enough to see if there are any guys who skipped their team's bowl game. This is his life and his career, but this is a really bad look for a Michigan captain.



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Your game tape, Senior Bowl performance, combine....they all matter to varying degrees.

I agree with you that the Peach Bowl certainly doesn't mean "nothing" for one's draft stock, but I do agree with the guy above that the Senior Bowl probably matters a little more. Also the Senior Bowl is an exhibition so nobody ever gets injured.

However, I still hate that Higdon sat out the Peach Bowl.


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Lol. “...nobody ever gets injured .”


It’s from a few years back, but shit happens anytime anywhere. Just ask that Patriots rookie running back from several years ago playing touch football in the sands of Hawaii. Effectively ended his NFL career. Still agree in that Higdon should’ve played in the Peach Bowl. Guess this is old news now, so time to move on.

edit: running back was Robert Edwards


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For as good as the Orange Bowl was for Taco, it was equally, if not worse for Jake Butt's. It's a risk reward, and I don't mind Higdon preparing for his future. And LMAO yea I'm sure Gary was dinged up, but he wasnt playing regardless. And that's ok too, but lets call a spade a spade. 

Robbie Moore

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Baloney. The team, the team, the team is, frankly, a quaint notion from a long lost era before big (huge) money changed everything. Head coaches making 5 million, coordinators making a million plus (I'm looking at you Pep), coaching contracts meaning nothing, athletic directors making seven figures, coaches regularly jumping ship for the almighty dollar, the playoffs turning bowl games into exhibitions. Since that is how it works now why would any player with a chance to cash in not do whatever it takes to make that happen? It's not about the team, it's about the money. And why should we expect the players to be chumps and not act on that?


rob f

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I don't see Chase or Shea or Hill or any of the other players who did choose to play alongside their teammates in the Peach Bowl as "chumps", nor do I see those who chose to skip it as "chumps" either.  But the ones who did play hardly seem to think the slogan is a "quaint notion" but instead act as if they understand the concept of the team and their role as a teammate or team leader.

Speaking from my experiences on teams from little league thru high school, I get that.  But I also get that individual players with pro aspirations (in any sport) have the right to make their own choices.


As for "baloney", give me Koegel's Bologna.  Yummmm....

Hotel Putingrad

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Detroit News: Michigan's Higdon 'wrestled' with decision to skip Peach Bowl https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2019/01/22/michigans-higdon-explains-decision-skip-peach-bowl/2651818002/

Reading between the lines, it sounds like he made a business decision to rest and recuperate after the season so that he would be back in peak shape for this week and the combine.


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I wish players still played in bowl games.

That said, in a lot of cases I find it hard to make much of a logical argument they should.  Essentially it boils down to them getting a full scholarship, not 12/13ths of one, and still taking advantage of things like the school's pro day.  They do have a lot of leverage, though.  What's a coach going to do, tell a valuable alum and recruiting resource to get bent?  NFL careers are short and getting drafted high is a big deal.  And there's a little bit of a silver lining for the team in that they can try out their backups for next year and give them the reps.

That said, it's understandable that someone would want to make a decision for themselves.  But that also means that that person really doesn't understand the point of being a team captain, and shouldn't be listed as one.  Leadership means making some sacrifices for the good of the people you're supposed to be leading.


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and maybe his decisions were vastly different with a daughter in tow, and a bigger picture ahead. I don't agree with his choice from my keyboard and career coming to a close...but the other side of it, as a kid, he made a decision, 100,000 people didn't agree with...oh well. Not something you'd expect from a captain, but not sure anyone knows what shape his body was in, he carried the ball the lion's share during the season, it's a brutal position. I wish him well...I'm truly more disappointed with Gary being a puss at the end...again I have no idea what his physical state was, but for a guy as the TOP recruit, and displaying all that potential his freshman year in camp...he was a bit of a let down in what he gave back.