Hey Brandon- These guys played for Bo too

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Interesting but not surprising to see the former players take on this. Rob Lytle was real adamant about what Bo would think of moving The Game:

And what does Lytle think Schembechler would say?

"He would have hated this," Lytle said. "I'm glad he and Woody don't have to go through it. They're probably sitting up there just shaking their heads or tearing down-markers and stomping on the field. They're probably marching around throwing tantrums right now."



Seems the only person wishy washy on this in the article is John Cooper. Nuff said



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You're welcome, I mean there are non-stop posts about this topic, so I figure I'd switch it up to something new.

I think people are blowing this up. Perhaps I'm naive, but I have a feeling it will all work out.  At this point I don't care when the game happens, as long as Michigan wins.


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Hold on, let me get this straight... You are sick of the non-stop posts on moving The Game, so you wanted to switch the talk to who starts and takes what % of snaps in the Uconn game?

Wow, the irony is absolutely killing me right now.

And you would be in the minority if you don't care when the game is. Just so you are aware.


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I care but i care more about plain old beating them. If beating them 20 years in a row killed the rivalry, Id support it. I think people confuse perception of a rivalry with the actual rivalry itself. Not only did ruining a season lead to the hatred, but there is a whole cultural element to this rivalry that wont die.   I don't think the game will be moved to October, it will likely stay in November.  Maybe i'm being too naive, but i think everyone knows it makes no sense to move it anywhere else.

Transatlantic Flight

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No, I heard (from a reliable inside source) that Rich Rod is going to use the Fibonacci sequence to determine how playing time is split up amongst qbs. It will turn out that the quarterback to start the Ohio State game will secretly be a descendant of Jesus, and all this moving the game talk is a desperate ploy to keep the dark Illuminati plot under wraps.


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I'd rather not think about how Bo would handle this.  He would be more heartbroken and angry than all of us combined. 

He'd be even more angry if he saw the loss to App. State, our first losing season in 40 years and the way our defense has looked the last 2 seasons.

2010 Michigan Wolverines, please make me forget about these recent instances.   


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...Bo would have gotten himself fired after the Horror.  The kind of coaching Bo would have done is no longer allowed, at least not in the age of cell phones and youtube. 

But it would have been hilarious to see the locker room after the game a Bo team had ever lost to the likes of Appy State. 


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...already acknowledged that Bo would hate this just as he hated the addition of PSU, so pointing that out to him again is not likely to change his mind. 

U Fer M

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Need to bring back the Nasty to M's defense, seeing old clips from M's great D's, they were just Nasty and had attitude. Moellers/McCartney's (sp?) monsters as Ufer used to call them, when opposing offenses felt the PAIN, and none of this bend don't break crap. It's all about bending and breaking the opposing QB, that's what is is supposed to be about. Did I just end a sentence with a preposition? Oh well, I'm a rebel, that's what I am!! Oh, and GO BLUE!!!