Here is the official Big U Dallas activity

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on August 29th, 2012 at 5:05 PM

This is being sent out by the Michigan Alumni Association, intended for all alum, not just associattioni members:

"Whether you’re travelling to the Cowboys Classic with the Alumni Association tour, made your own travel plans or live in the area, you’re invited to join in the camaraderie and spirit of being with fellow Michigan fans on Friday, August 31, beginning at 7 p.m., at the historic Texas and Pacific Tavern and Grill, commonly known as the “T & P Tavern”.   Located one block from the Omni Hotel-Fort Worth, the “T & P Tavern”, is in the 80 year old train depot in downtown Fort Worth, at 221 W. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth.
Family friendly venue.  Free parking.  Beverages, appetizers, sandwiches and salads available for purchase. Raffle for prizes and corn hole and darts games.  Map to venue, menu and more information can be found at"



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I know there are a few people who live in the Dallas area on this site, does anyone have any good ideas of what to do on Friday from 9am til 3pm? To save on airfare, I got some crazy early arrival time and my hotel doesn't allow check-in until 3pm. Thanks!


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Go walk around Dealy Plaza and even stop by the Sixth Floor Museum at the former Texas School Book Depository if you have a chance.  Even without going to the museum, to stand on the very ground (granted you'll be in the middle of an active street, but still) where JFK was assassinated is somewhat surreal.  Much of the area isn't all that much different than what you'll recognize from the Zapruder Film. 

Touring Jerryworld is interesting also, although i'm not sure they'll be offering tours on gameday-eve.  If they are, though, it will give you a chance to see a lot of stuff that you won't be able to access as a spectator at the game. 

And eat some real Texas BBQ for lunch. 



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Couple ideas if you're in downtown Dallas apart from the "grab something to eat/find a coffee shop" option.

1. 6th Floor Museum, which is a surprisingly interesting and well done museum about the JFK assassination.

2. Nasher Sculpture Garden/Museum, which has a wonderful collection of modern sculpture, and is both inside and outside (it's not supposed to be blazing hot on Friday, but you'll probably want something inside).

The Dallas Museum of Art is pretty good as well, but it's a standard big city art museum. The Nasher feels more unique.


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I recommend all visitors stop by the old red museum on houston downtown across from the amtrak station and pop in on the visitor center. Any and everything to do in Dallas they will direct yo right to it. Cant wait for all of you to arrive! Counting down hours to history being made by Team 133!!


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Im playing NCAA 12 cuz to feed my CF hunger (too broke for ncaa 13) and i noticed that Minnesota has B1G logo patches on their uniforms that look exactly like the ones we will, along with the rest of the Big Ten, be wearing this year. I never noticed them before.