Here comes OSU Coach Urban Meyer and his staff

Submitted by JimBobTressel on November 22nd, 2011 at 11:40 AM

They are not to be screwed with.


- Deal done. 7 years - 40 million

- Luke fickell retained as Asst. Head Coach - in fact he was involved in recruiting Meyer

- Greg Studwara - Offensive Coordinator - BGSU connection, currently OLine coach LSU

- DJ Durkin - Defensive Coordinator - FL LB Coach

- Zach Smith - WR Coach - G.A. FL - WR Coach Temple (Earle Bruce grandson)

- Mickey Marotti - Dir Football Ops - Strength coach FL

- Stan Drayton - retained by OSU - moves from WRs back to RB coach - RB coach FL

Job opening will be posted Monday/Tuesday as per State/Federal regulations - announcement Week from Tuesday @ OSU v. Duke


Lemme see if I can get a link for you folks it's from the OZone.

Again, Ozone and bucknuts sources. Also he was going to call the OSU/Michigan game with Speilman/Pasch, but now there is a conflict of interest



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Mattison helped weak ND teams beat Michigan because he know LC's system inside-out, especially his playcalling tendencies.  Besides, I'm still not convinced that Meyer has the "fire in the belly" that he used to have.  Fickell knows that Meyer could leave at any time and wanting to stay as a de facto "coach in waiting" is a great move.

On the other hand, if Meyer is ready to give it is all, the morons who still insist that "the spread won't work in the Big Ten" are in for a rude awakening. 

M Fanfare

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I find this whole Meyer-to-OSU stuff very strange. Why would any coach agree to jump into a coaching job at a school that is going to receive NCAA sanctions of unknown severity and length? I have no doubt that Gene Smith is scrambling to find a coach that will save his job, but why would that coach take the job?


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Im sure a bunch of people thought JoePa was their idol but not many are gonna shout that from the rooftops these days.  I mean woody had a few loose screws too hence how he retired.  And Hoke is from ohio and so am I but you dont see us daring to wear that awful scarlett.  Meyer wants the job b/c its more elite than Florida and background has nothing to do with it. 

MI Expat NY

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Were any of those guys considered strong hires when Meyer hired them?  Mullen was QB coach at Utah, Strong was the existing DC at Florida under Zook, and Mattison had just been demoted at ND.  And I'd say even using the term "questionably strong" about Addazio would make Florida fans vomit in their mouths a little bit.  Yes, hindsight says that Mullen, Strong and Mattison were great coordinators, but maybe in five years we'd be saying the same thing about Meyer's reported choices at Ohio State. 

Mitch Cumstein

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I hope this happens.  Does the expression "the bloom is off the rose" mean anything to Meyer?  It will after he fails to meet expectations and get dominated by Hoke like Cooper by Carr. 


Also, you forgot to add Mike Boren, snow plow coach to the staff.


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Bring it Meyer. Lmfao U of M will own UM, Florida sites are hammering Meyer, I'm on my iPhone so can't link. He bailed on UF when shit got tough, well just wait for the osu shit stor


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I'm surprised OSU fans are excited about Meyer to OSU, considering they have been saying for months that the spread doesn't work in the B1G.


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only tell you that it would be the first time this year that Meier and crew were not calling the noon game on ESPN.  They have not done a game on regional ABC coverage this year, even when there have been noon games such as Texas v. OU.  I think M. v. Ohio State will probably get Patrick and James or McDonaugh and Millen.  Won't be lucky enough to get Nessler and Blackledge.

I could be wrong, I just know that crew is assigned ESPN noon games.


November 22nd, 2011 at 1:28 PM ^

ABC and ESPN are affiliated but their announcing teams are pretty much kept separate.  So, since the game is on ABC it is very unlikely that Spielman, Pash and Meyer were scheduled to be the announcers.


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He's getting Mattison back as his DC!

I really don't give a crap who their coach is; we take care of our business and business gets taken care of.