Herd picks WMU to cover

Submitted by sdafoe19 on August 31st, 2011 at 11:39 AM

Cowherd picks WMU to cover the spread.



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Not exaggerating at all. I remember when Sportsnation came to campus last year to do a live show and Colin did his morning radio show also on campus live. It was hilarious just watching everyone walk by not giving a damn what he was talking about (as opposed to Sportsnation which was flooded with people).


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I don't think it's crazy to pick WMU in this game.  They have an excellent QB and a very good coach who has been in place for the better part of a decade.  Michigan's D might come out not really knowing what it's supposed to do, and Carder could do enough damage to score more than a Michigan offense that doesn't have any game experience running some of its schemes. 


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1. 2009 wasn't a particularly good WMU team by its standards;

2. We have reason to believe that Michigan's D will be much-improved, but we haven't seen that yet;

3. WMU has a really good QB and a 1,000 yard (6th-year) WR coming back;

4.  WMU's players are all familiar w/ their systems;

5.  There's good reason to think that Michigan won't be great at running the pro-style parts of its offense.

Don't get me wrong.  The above information is only so valuable.   I would not pick WMU in this game.    I'm just saying that I don't think predicting a WMU win is crazy

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I think picking a WMU win is crazy. We are going to steamroll them. This isn't 2008 anymore, Sally.

You DO realize that last year's Western team wasn't good, either? I fail to see how they were so much better than 2009, or that this year's team will be so much better than 2010. Picking a 6-6 MAC team to upset M is just stupid.


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Phil Steele is unusually good at making predictions about such things.  WMU has knocked off Iowa and Illinois in the last five or so years.

The fact that Michigan should be better than it's 2008 incarnation doesn't mean that it will beat WMU this year. 

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To devil's advocate you back:

WMU's QB that year was as good or better than Carder. They return their top WR, but lose all others, including Nunez who was nearly a 1,000 yard guy himself.

We'll be starting a junior Heisman finalist instead of a true frosh at QB.

Our D will be better. That's final.


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1. Will Denard be a Heisman-caliber QB in this offense?

2. I think Carder hasn an excellent chance of being better than Hiller.  He finised the last part of last year with a 20-3 TD/Int ratio;

3.  We haven't seen the D do anything yet.


Again, I'm not picking WMU.  But, if I bet on football (which I don't), I would gladly put down $10 (or whatever) if someone were to give me 10-1 odds on WMU.