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I know Junior hasn't been looked at as much as Martin or Molk with regards to the NFL Draft, but what does everyone's opinion of him with regards to his draft status?

Maybe I'm a too optimistic, but I can see him going as early as the 4th or 5th round, just simply due to his playmaking abilities. He always seems to find a way to make near-impossible, clutch catches. I think his catches in the Sugar Bowl may have elevated his status as well.



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I think that Hemingway will make it in the pros.  He's reasonably tall, reasonably fast, but has the play making ability.  He's got really good hands and has a knack to go up and get the football.  CBS has him as the #39 WR and #359 overall tho, so we'll see.

CBS ranks...

Molk #125 Ovr, #4 C (4th round)

Martin #134 Ovr, #14 DT (5th round)

Koger #164 Ovr, #8 TE (5th round)

Van Bergen #291 Ovr, #22 DE

Woolfolk #309 Ovr, #34 CB

Hemingway #359 Ovr, #39 WR


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I don't know. I'm guessing you have not watched much of Keisel. He is extremely athletic, guarding several RB's coming outta the backfield, and drops into the flats pretty well. I can't see RVB ever doing that. I'm not saying he can't fit his way into a system in the NFL, but comparing him to Keisel is a big stretch.

Space Coyote

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I think that's about right for Molk but he could slide just because he is kind of a "system" center.  There are about 10 teams that will really look at him as an option ahead of other centers.  So with him he could go in the 4th round or could slide to about the 6th.

Martin seems about right.  Lots of talent on the DL in this draft and at DT overall.  Also never really played his optimal position in college (he should be a 3 tech).  I'm not sure he's big enough to consistently hold up to the double in the NFL, he would be better served as a penetrating 3-tech, and because he hasn't played it he may slide to about 5th when his talent and production probably deserves higher.

I don't think Koger will get drafted.  He seems average in everything (outside of leadership, which NFL GMs won't really look at for a TE).  He isn't fast enough to be split out and cause miss-matches, he isn't big enough nor block well enough to be an extension of the line.  He makes some great catches but drops some easy ones.  Just not many TEs get drafted and I can think of a few that I think will go ahead of him off the top of my head.

Van Bergen I think will get drafted.  His problem is he needs to keep putting on weight to reach at least about 290-300 at the combine.  He is a 3-4 DE.  He isn't fast or quick enough to be a 4-3 DE in the NFL and isn't big enough consistently play inside.  I think a 3-4 team will take him later because Mattison will give him a good recommendation, he's smart, and a better athlete than people think.  

Woolfolk won't get drafted.  And honestly that might be too high.  I love his dedication to Michigan, but he lost his job this year to a Freshman who showed flashes but shouldn't have necessarily surpassed a corner who is considered that good.  Woolfolk was the 5th or 6th best DB for Michigan this year and has been hurt a lot, giving him a big red flag.  He also never recorded a single interception in his career.  NFL GMs will conclude that he lacks ball skills and play making ability.  


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never recorded not even 1 int for his career! Come to think of it, I don't even recall one pass break up. The guy had horrible ball skills for a corner. He had great straight line speed, and average at best tackling. Good luck to him and if things don't work out for him in the draft then hopefully there's a spot available on the UM coaching staff waiting for him if he wants to remain in football.


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Molk will only be considered by teams like the redskins who run a zone scheme, and if they already have a guy they like they aren't going to carry 2 true centers. I agree with you on Martin, though. I think he'll make the best pro out of our guys coming out. I think he'd be a great fit in Indy and they seem to like B1G/Michigan kids.


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The combine will be big for Junior. If he can get his 40 time to something like 4.50, I think he will go somewhere in rounds 3-5. Has the skills, but there seem to be a lot of WRs who simply aren't fast enough to transition to today's NFL game.


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I think a lot of teams will be scared away by his injury history.  I agree that it will turn to some extent on his combine numbers, but my gut tells me that he's probably a 6th-7th round prospect.

snarling wolverine

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I think he'll at least make a roster.  He seems roughly comparable to Jason Avant in terms of size, speed and hands.  Maybe he hasn't been quite as accomplished as a possession receiver, but that's been more due to fewer opportunities. 


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If he can drop some weight and run a good 40 time, I think he could get drafted around the 5th round. Concerns about his ability to keep weight off and a not terribly spectacular college career will keep him out of consideration for the first 2 days of the draft, even if he has a great combine. Most likely will be undrafted, IMO.


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I think Junior will surprise people. He's a big, strong playmaker with great hands. He's been healthy all season. And he's made huge plays despite being in a run-friendly offense.


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If not in the draft, Junior will get a shot as a free agent at the very least. Big, strong guy with great hands is worth a shot at some point. Seems like a great red zone target to me. It's a shame the injury bug kept his production down at M.

But I'm a little drunk on this Friday night, so who knows.

Space Coyote

January 7th, 2012 at 12:17 AM ^

But I would be very surprised if he gets drafted.  Really, really surprised.  Out of receivers that Michigan played and others in the Big Ten, Hemingway is behind a good amount of them.  He will most likely be drafted after Jenkings (Ill), McNutt (Iowa), Cunningham (MSU), Floyd (ND), Posey (OSU), and probably Jordan White (WMU) and maybe Toon (Wisc). 

Hemingway has really good ball skills, but there are a few things that hold him back.  He really struggles to get seperation in the college game.  He will struggle even more in the NFL.  He just doesn't have the speed.  I'm not sure how great his routes are really either.  Ball skills only get you so far, but against more bigger and stronger DBs who have better ball skills he will struggle even more.  He isn't really all that tall either, he isn't really a throw a fade in the endzone guy.

Secondly, he simply didn't have the production.  He was hurt often early in his career and frankly just didn't put up enough numbers this year.  Hemingway is one of those players that is a good college WR that doesn't really translate to the NFL game.  I don't think he is as fast as what people are saying his 40 is (~4.5), and even if it is it isn't translating to the field of play.  He made some great catches this year and in the past, but that won't be enough in the long run I don't think.


January 7th, 2012 at 12:23 AM ^

I love Junior and think he has enough skill to hang around a practice squad or the end of a bench if he gets a good shot somewhere.  But I don't see him gettiing drafted except maybe at the very end of the draft and I think he's going to have a really hard time making a roster.

He reminds me a ton of Marquise Walker - big, strong, great hands, slowish, doesn't get a ton of separation.  Walker got hurt right upon getting to the NFL, bounced around for a couple of years, and never really played.  And Walker was like 6'4" as compared to Junior's 6'1".  I see a similar trajectory for Junior.

Avant is the best case scenario, but he was always a slot WR who ran those tough routes over the middle and had great hands.  Junior has never been that type of receiver and would have to adapt. 


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Looking at our players draft projections really sums up how special team 132 really was.  No first or second round picks (granted Oakland doesn't pull another Mouton), and Michigan still finished the season with two losses and a sugar bowl win.


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is that if the Lions draft Hemingway I would not be mad. Unless it was in one of the first three rounds. If they drafted a newly revitalized 20 year old clone of Jerry Rice in the third round I'd be far from happy.


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i would be thrilled if the lions took martin in the mid 2nd/3rd. working the inside with suh. i think he will only play in a 4-3 in the nfl. and the lions need big play-making dt's. they run a 4-3 with an emphasis on the ends going wide for the rush. a three man rotation of suh/fairley/martin and i dont quite remember the rest of the dts would help out the lions run d a lot. martins my favorite from team 132 and itd just be easier if i didnt have to vote for 2 different nfl teams.



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One of the Harbaugh teams will scoop Junior up.  I see him in as Anquon Bolden type.  big bodied running back sized WR with great hands.  Best of luck to them all.  I think Martin gets way more love 2nd or 3rd rnd.  van bergen gets a shot late.  I have no clue where Molk goes in the draft.  It will be a descent showing for the program, considering where we have been recently. 

Bo Knows

January 7th, 2012 at 3:28 AM ^

I don't understand how Woolkork is a better prospect than Hemingway.  I think Hemingway will be a late rounder, 5th to 7th round.  I don't think Van Bergen will be drafted, but I do see him contributing for a team as a 3-4 DE as an undrafted FA.  I doubt Woolfork has a future in pro football, he was the 5th and at times 6th best DB on the team.


January 7th, 2012 at 11:33 AM ^

The most important facet of a receiver is to catch the ball and Hemmingway can do it (at least the shots down feild).  I think he can be a lance moore type player, just bigger and slower used only for big plays. 

M - Flightsci

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While not fast, he is surprisingly elusive for a guy his size. Also, there is no way he runs an electronic 4.54. I doubt he gets drafted but perhaps he'll get signed somewhere. The walker comparison is apt, avant much less so.


January 7th, 2012 at 5:32 PM ^

Keep in mind Hemingway hasn't had a true QB throwing to him in college either.  Most of his receptions were because he made a really good play on the ball.  I think he has a ton of upside


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In the League, I don't really see Junior making it. But he'll always be the Sugar Bowl MVP. And that'll mean a lot more than a couple of piddling years in the NFL, even if it doesn't pay as well.