Help Viewing Final Four in Cartagena, Colombia

Submitted by Marlin Jackson… on March 26th, 2018 at 5:01 PM

I have to be in Cartagena, Colombia this weekend and understandably I am freaking out about being able to watch the game.  Aside from Live Streaming the game online, does anybody know of any bars / restaurants / hotels / relatives houses that I can watch the game?

Thank you in advance for your help.




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Try the Colombian Alumni Association (email & facebook).

My guess is no, aside from streaming and you should have a VPN to the US as a backup (then loginto the March Madness app).

You can always use the discord server too. You can see if CBS all access is allowed in Colombia too. If it is, then pay for a month.


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I was in Cartagena about a year ago. I didn't come across any bars that didn't show soccer but I'm thinking your best bet is a hotel bar. Bocagrande is the main tourist area and Getsmani is kind of hipster. Maybe one of those two areas?


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In true Spaceballs tradition, I suggest sending your stunt double and then catching the game in a place where it is far easier to catch the game. Actually, book your flight with multiple legs, one of which is within earshot of San Antonio, then pretend the entire trip went to hell in Texas and you can't possibly get out before mid-week next week. 


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I didn’t want to start a new thread so I will ask here. I will be traveling through a vortex in space this weekend and wondered if anyone knew how I might catch the game. Thanks in advance.


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You didn't add enough information about how traveling through a vortex is really more of a burden than a pleasant experience. How you luggage always ends up in Beetleguise when you are going to the Andromeda Galaxy. Also how your phase alignment is off for at least 3 days after the trip so you fade in and out. Amateur.


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There are several things that annoy me about this blog.

First--these stupid HumbleBrags--and as one guy pointed out--the OP has been here since 2008. If you are somehow on a job that sends you to COlumbia, I'm guessing you're pretty smart. Unless you just love shoving large balloons up your ass and walking back to the US through some pretty rough countryside. And smart guys ought to know the cool spots in Cartagena, or at least enought to slip the cabbie a 20 and he'll take you to a cool place (and if you're lucky you'll wake up with both your kidneys).

Second: The HumbleBrag replies--"Well I was on Mars last week (I'M KOOL TOO!) and there was a bar with a funny green chick and some guy named J.T.Kirk...look, just because some guy pretends to be important doesn't mean you have to!

I don't like the use of the words "amongst" or "whilst"--they're clunky, and dumb sounding. I was AMONG a throng of thong wearing fans...Now THAT sounds better than trying to stammer out "I was amongst a throngst of thongst wearing fans whilst in Cartagena, Russia, and Luxembourg last week with CLIENTS I have CLIENTS! I'm a DIVISION MANAGER I DRIVE A LEXUS!!"



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i just looked for you and this is the email contact [email protected]

i was in Chile for work last week(not a humble brag, just a fact of life for some that occassionally travel for work) and I hit up a few of the contacts listed.  Needless to say, but they were very nice Michigan alums that i emailed and they linked me up with a few others including some Ross grad school guys who were in town.  We met at a bar and they used a website(cannot remember the name) to stream it on a TV.  It was a good time...we did not sing the Victors because the game against Texas A&M was out of hand.  We mostly caught up and talked about how great Michigan and Ann Arbor are and how luck we were to watch together.  If that fails just get a VPN service on laptop or tablet and use March Madness so it can trick the geolocator.  That worked for me to watch other games in my hotel.  Because it is the final four you might get lucky and it might be on ESPN International(who has the rights and might show it, though they did not show any games while i was there).  

Good luck and Go Blue.