Help with the 5 tech Definition

Submitted by jbibiza on March 29th, 2011 at 3:19 PM

Looking for wisdom from Magnus or other Gurus of the X and O with regard to the 5 tech position.  According to Matt Godin's brother (great get for the board) he was apparently told that he is being recruited as a 5 tech DT/DE.   It is my understanding that the 5 tech lines up on the outside shoulder of the OT, which to me says Defensive End.  I know in a three man front the 5 tech could be termed a DT/DE, but as we will be running a 4 man front (or 5-2 as Mattison has said)  how can the 5 tech be called a DT?  



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Thanks for the link and for your explanation.

As much as I have enjoyed watching football over the years, I've never played and don't know much of the technical stuff. Your help is appreciated.

I often use to try to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge.




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Let me preface by saying I'm not nearly even close to being slightly educated on any of this.  I've tried to fill my gaps in knowledge as well, and this board has been an enormous help.  Posters like Magnus and others who talk about the game (Sharik, BlueSeoul, others) - I guess I should include Brian, since he knows his stuff - are the reason I like this blog so much.  I've learned a lot over the last year, it's increased my love of the sport significantly. 

I spent much of this Fall watching games with my new mgoblog perspective and screaming to my fiance "That's the 5-2 I ran in high school!"  Didn't have any idea this was actually a form of the 4-3 Under (I think the primary form).  But over time I've gleaned that, and read some other sites as you have.  A quick Google image search on the 4-3 Under turned up the graphic so I posted, and included what my thoughts were.  I think it's right.

Someday I'll know shit, right now I don't.  But it's a lot of fun trying. 


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I was looking up 5 tech stuff on smart football and I came across this website.

If you enter your email you get free reports.  I'm not sure if it it legit so I did not sign up for the updates. 

Does anyone know if this website is good for technical information?


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It's really just semantics.  This staff calls it a DT, but other places it would be called a DE.  The responsibilities are essentially the same as what you saw Brandon Graham doing a couple years ago - hold stiff against the run and get after the passer if it's a pass - and he typically has C-gap responsibility, unless a stunt or slant is called.


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Ideally you want your guys to learn all of the techniques as it makes them better and allows them to understand other teammates assignments. The 5 tech means he can certainly get after it as far as rushing the passer is concerned. I believe over time he will become athletically sound enough to know when to use bull rush, spin, rip, and others. From what I've seen on film he needs a little work but has a lot of upside and room for improvement.