Hello:Ben Braden, 1 year ago today

Submitted by uniqenam on March 24th, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Perhaps not board-worthy, but I thought it interesting to note that a year ago today Michigan got its first 2012 commit, and by this time in 2013 we're already more than halway done with this class.  Really highlights the speed with which this class has been built.



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but some of this is a nationwide shift.  Commitments have been happening earlier and earlier every year for like a decade. 

turd ferguson

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That's a very, very small part of the difference between last year and this year. Michigan has almost half of the Big Ten commitments at this point, so it's not like what Michigan is doing is typical right now. More generally, you're right about that trend, but the one-year nationwide change is trivial compared to the one-year Michigan change.


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And was like, what up Mr Isaac! Calling in a commit to UM live from Pasadena would be awesome. All u need after that is call-ins from Poggi, Vanderdoes, Cravens, and Treadwell. Dreaming this early in the day is hazardous to your health!


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in the midst of our 2013 mania, to remind us of the guys we were so excited about way back when who are actually almost here!  (Including the three early birds already in pads and wings.)


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 Lol I remember how paniced most people where that we had 0 commits 366 days ago. Last year was really the first year I went hardcore on recruiting news.


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This is an important anniversary.  The first recruit in Hoke's first full recruiting class.  Also the start of a 10 year run of highly rated classes that helped Michigan win three national championships.  Nice job getting it started, Ben.


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Last year we were worried if the recruits would stay around and just wanted to maintain.  Now look at were we are 1 year later. WOW WEEEEEEEE